Nitecore EA4 on sale..again @ Fasttech $46.90

Just got an email from Fasttech saying the EA4 was back in stock and on sale for $46.90 with coupon (Pricecontrol). Just orderd one :slight_smile:

where do you enter the coupon code there? gift certificate on payment page? thx

nm, got it :slight_smile:

I ordered a second Ea4, now I’ll have the cool white and nuetral on there way.
I’m sooo weak LoL

Ordered mine this morning.

Ditto, ordered EA4W this morning; 8 left then, sold out now. :slight_smile:

You people are testing my resolve yet again :expressionless:

yesterday I received a EA4W from Fasttech. Took quite a while after ordering the 21th of jan. Considering the out of stock and the chinese new year I am pleased to get it anyway so relatively soon.
(I was expecting some longer delivery time anyways)
I can just say that I am very pleased with the customer service from FT. I asked Jasmine to carefully check that the bezel was aligned with no cross thread, and no rattle.
In the package I got a note that described that the light had been doubled checked after my worries after reading some threads here with poor quality control.
I am very pleased with the product. Very good quality and versatility in UI. Not difficult at all after reading the threads here at blf before receiving it:-)
Have only had opportunity to try it with alkalines yet though.
However, I got the NW one. Nice tint, but some yellowish around the hotspot compared to my other T6 3C.
This tint is more yellowish than my T63C, but I only notice when A-B it. However, I can see a small anomaly in the hotspot with some darker square formation probably from the emitter. It doesnt affect anything when used outside however. Maybe the reflector is too good ? :slight_smile:
Regarding the output… I find it good enough, but after having the TN31, TN 30 and even UF980L I have to admit its not as bright as I had expected.
I will look after your others experiences with the XML-2, if its worth upgrading for…

Nice touch that they put a note in to let you know they had actually listened to you. I ordered one at the same time as you, and it arrived last Saturday, but I forgot to check for the rattle before mailing it to a friend. I agree the UI is actually not that complex. I just had a quick play with it to check that it actually worked (that’s my story anyway). It’s a great light for AA users, but just a little too chunky for my liking (though I might get another for myself lol).