Nitecore EA4 rebuild - Need a switch

I was given a dead nitecore EA4. To bring it back to life I’m throwing the standard driver away and using a 2.8A 8*AMC7135 type driver.

All good but, I need a new switch. I have access to RS - “RS online”: and farnell but really struggle to see the wood for the trees.

Any ideas what switch to use? It doesn’t have to be a perfect fit, I have a drill and hand tools etc to make things fit.

Are you planning to reuse the boot and switch PCB? I would start looking at the tactile microswitches, although they are typically push-to-make momentary kind.

Not not really. You hit the nail on the head Chloe, those small tactile switches are not latching type, and are only low current.

What happened with the old switch? Pictures?

Ah !! ebay!! I never think of ebay for stuff like this -

A bit big, but that the first one I came across.

This one is 6A rated, which might be okay. You can mount it further back? The panel mounted kind are generally are quite ugly. >.<

If you really want a clicky, then a judco switch would work inside the plastic housing, with some work, but you might use a DrJones driver for momentary switches and use an SMD switch, due to the lack of room.

Oh I like that, a bit of chrome on the black EA4 will look cool.

Ahhh!!! That’s how you did it!! I’ve been wondering for a while how the EA4 you did worked. Cheers OL.

Sorry I missed your post. The std switch was fine, until today. Whilst rebuilding the light I caught it a smashed it!

Sooooooo can I use a small tactile switch like the one OL linked to with the normal 2.8Amp driver without the software being modded?

Dr Jone website show the wires to the driver here

The program has to be changed to use a momentary switch. Right now, the normal driver needs a clicky, so that the circuit stays closed.

Cheers OL, I’ll drop Dr Jones a PM and get a couple. This opens up a few torch projects…….

Which driver did you choose for EA4 from Dr jones?