NITECORE EA41 (cancelled) Group Buy story.....What happened?

Actually, this is not much of a story, but nevertheless, I have said before I will post it here so this my bedtime story:

Being a veteran of at least 2 group buy cancellations because of MAP issues, do you guys still remember the $125 Niwalker Vostro and the $95 Crelant V10 mtg2 lights that I organized together with Bill Qiao of doingoutdoor before, of which both of them were shot down because of MAP issues ?

Mind you, I don’t have much issue with any manufacturer for their MAP policies, as its their prerogatives and business strategy I believe.

So before this EA41 gb started with MAPcore, er, Nitecore, I made sure, not once, not twice, but three times about their approval and 3 times they said YES. So it was already part of the plan to post the price in the thread’s title, along with the information about their “blessing” to the gb.

Commitments started to come in after the thread’s posting.

A day later after the thread was posted, they complained about stopping it. It was APPEALED so it was agreed that the gb will only live for three days (until July 19th for that matter), with no limit on quantity.

So the OP was edited, posting the date with July 19th as the deadline.

The very next day they again vehemently insisted that the gb be terminated, and the thread DELETED.

At that time, there were already 13 gentlemen who ordered and paid for their lights.

They threatened NOT to supply the EA41s if the thread is not stopped and deleted.

I thought of the ‘welfare’ of the 13 who paid, so as a counter attack if you will, I made a counter proposal of them supplying the lights first and I will delete the thread.

They eventually delivered the lights.

When I was already assured that the 13 lights were shipped, an effort was made to delete the gb thread, and was deleted today.

And I lived happily thereafter, duh.


Seriously, I don't think Nitecore was ever OK with breaking MAP. Otherwise I would have run a GB myself.

Yeah, it’s well-known in the industry, I was aware of it so it was put forth in the table with no surprises.

That’s the irony there.

Had they not agree in the first place…( I was surprised myself that they did)

So what was going on with them agreeing on the GB in the first place? Another example of the language/culture/sanity barrier?

I have these kinds of misunderstandings with my three year old son (do you want porridge for breakfast? yes! You really like porridge, don't you? yes, I like porridge, I want porridge for I make the porridge and put it on the table....and for sure: I hate porridge! can I have a sandwich!). I sure hope he gets over it when he grows up!

So will the doe-eyed infatuation with this brand and the others who don't really seem all that interested in selling stuff finally start to fade out?

Any 'business' that needs to rely on this tactic to stay afloat probably doesn't deserve to.


I would just only send out prices via pm like they are doing for the supbeam/Acebeam GBs recently.

All this means is you can not make porridge.

Or he is used to the nicer ones his mom makes him :p

PM is the only way to go right now.

what secret forum? J)

lol, I deleted my last sentence. :wink:

This failed group buy was through GearBest correct?

Were your communications through GearBest, or were they directly through Nitecore? In other words, were you speaking to a Nitecore rep, or third party via gearbest?

Edit: it was through GearBest. I would put my 2 cents worth in, but I would have to discount it to free, since it's probably not worth 2 cents.

Scenario #1 - In this case, (and probably with the other cases), the lack of communication was between GearBest and Nitecore. I would hazard a guess that GearBest asked if Nitecore would sell them the light for $xx.xx dollars and Nitecore said Yes, believing that they were to ship directly to GearBest. Once the found out that the "dealer" was selling directly to BLF, Nitecore stopped the sale. GearBest most likely wanted Nitecore to drop ship the lights directly to us and Nitecore didn't want to get into that.

Scenario #2 - GearBest never actually talked to Nitecore, but instead, they were going through another third party, (a go between). That happens a lot! That never works out very good.

Yeah, I’d sure like clear information — which sellers are drop-shippers who don’t have what they offer to sell.
And which sellers are sock puppets of the same business, too.

A lot of shopping lately is like guessing which walnut the pea is under, as they’re being shuffled around.
Deals! Discounts! Give us your email address…. tracking, spam, spam, spam.

No, clearly your son loves watching you make porridge. Maybe also likes the word 'porridge'. Porridge. Porridge. Porridge. Por-ridge. I like it, too. Wouldn't put the disgusting slop in my mouth, either.