NiteCore EC25 parisitic drain. Not Good.

Ok, here we go. I bought this EC25 about a month ago. I played with it quite a bit the first 10 days or so. Overall, I have been liking the light for it’s size, output, construction, fit/finish, metal button/switch and ease of use.
I had a Callies Custom 3100 in it and only turned it on a couple times for a total of maybe 5 minutes. It was sitting on the desk for about a week and last week I picked it up and hit the button. Nothing. I pulled the battery and put it on the meter. Nothing. Put it on the charger and the pertection on the battery reset. My first thoughts were maybe the battery was bad. It charged all the way up and I put it back in the light and everything seemed to be working fine. I wondered if I had left the light on by mistake or if my wife had used it and not turned it all the way off.
I put an EagleTac 3100 in it and put it back on the desk. Left it there a week without putting it in the lockout mode. Pulled the battery today and it’s testing 3.22 volts. I’m sure that isn’t normal and way too much for parisitic drain. Not very happy with the light now.
I’m charging the battery up now. I will test the voltage and put it in the light. I will recheck the voltage every day and see just how much juice I’m losing.

Sorry to hear that.
I've got a P25 (which, if I were Nitecore, would be the same driver, just reprogrammed) and it's been on standy on my bookshelf next to my bed for at least a month with a Panasonic NCR18650B Protected with the occasional pick-up, turn on, find something for 5 mins, turn off. Just measured it at 3.96V.

Try a different cell. Measure tail-cap current on standby?

My P25 runs at 0.6microAmps at 2lm mode.

Ok. I just put a newly charged EagleTac 3100 charged to 4.24. I will check it each day without turning the light on and make a report.

Probably accidental activation. I’ve noticed my P25 a couple of times in standby mode suddenly activate, usually when I bump it lightly in a certain way, however I noticed one morning it was on, at the time I thought I had just forgotten to turn it off. You should probably lock the light out when not required for use, and use standby sparingly. The P25 has a boot switch which can lock the light out, with the EC25 you’ll need to untwist the tailcap somewhat.

Is there some reason the lockout mode built into the light wouldn’t work just as good as loonening the tailcap?

I put a newly charged EagleTac 3100 in about 20 hours ago charged to 4.24. I just checked it and it was at 4.04. I have not turned the light on at all. That is a lot of drain for 20 hours.

From what I understand the EC25 only locks out if you loosen the tail or remove the battery, otherwise it stays in standby mode. If the light wasn’t on when you checked it then accidental activation probably isn’t the issue, I would only suggest it was if the battery was fully drained and the light was off, in your case only partially drained. Something isn’t working right as standby mode is supposed to be very minuscule on battery drain.

It is probably just your sample. Mine is working flawlessly for about one month. It has been used and in standby mode and only in lockout for a few seconds each time when I check voltage. I have just charged battery once. The drain in standby is very small and the efficiency is quite good.

Can you try to have your sample replaced?

I think it most likely has to be my light as I’m sure others who own the light would have complained by now.

As for a lockout mode in this light, it has one. While the light is on, simply press the button and hold it down for over a second and the light goes into lockout. To get it back on, just press and hold the button for over a second and the light exits lockout and comes on in the lowest mode. That is the same as the EA4.

I have EC25w with me, I’ll try to chip in to check the parasitic drain/ standby without put into lockout mode.

Since Wednesday, protected Efest 3100mAh, top it off from i4 charger, with the indicator flashes 4.2 as it should be.

Will report back over the weekend as I leave it for few days.

Have left mine on standby for weeks with no drain

I leave my EC25 in lockout mode, and it has shown no sign of parasitic drain. I edc it a lot lately. In the last two weeks I’ve only used it briefly to find light switches and then put it back in lockout. The battery is still has 4 volts left.

Contact the seller you bought it from

In the last ten hours, it has gone from 4.04 to 3.93 volts. Wonder what would make such a large power leak? I’m going to put a newly charged battery in the light and usr the lights lockout mode and see if there is a leak somewhere inside the light.

Noticed there was a lot of bumping on.

This occurs whenever the flashlight is turned on at the rear boot or the circuit is interrupted regardless of the mode it's on (standby or not) before.

I has a nice long Pana 3400 Protected so it never bumps on even if I drop it from head height on to carpet.

There has been no bumping on today. I set it aside on the desk to make sure it wasn’t disturbed. I will say that it’s easy to turn the light on by acident just like a SRK.

I’m using a panasonic 3400 protected cell with my P25 as well, I can bump my light all I like and it won’t activate, I’ve tried and experimented. However on a couple of occasions if I so much as slightly roll the light it activates (i.e no force and not really a bump), and the side switch was never engaged. The problem isn’t a loose connection in the tail or a sudden disconnection from a sudden jolt or bump, on one occasion it activated by itself without being touched.

By bumping, I mean accidently touching the switch. It doesn’t take much. However, there is something very wrong with my light.
Last night I put a freshly charged battery in the light and then put it in the lockout mode. The battery start at 4.19 and this morning it is at 4.08. Maybe a shert or something in thr light. I will call Going Gear today and see if they will exchange it.

Which version of the EC25 is this?

It’s a EC25 Cobra.
I talked to Going Gear this morning. They said they will exchange it for me. Back it goes today.

I understand that, which version though?

Got you. It’s a XM L U2 cool white.