Hi – hope you guys can advise/help a newbie. I think I’ve read through postings & can’t find anything so I’m starting a new thread – if I’m wrong, please excuse me & point me in the right direction

I’ve been using LED Lensers for the last few years, most recently a T7 which I have been more than happy with, but recently had a hankering for more & started reading this site. All the stuff about safe battery use & other stuff I don’t quite understand. Eventually decided on a Nitecore EC25 & ordered it from FastTech along with an i4 charger & Nitecore NL186 2600 18650s.

It arrived in less than a week & I was well chuffed – size for size it blew the T7 out of the water. However, I’m gutted by the runtime. On mid I got less than 2 hours, spread over 20 30 minute runs on turbo it was flashing after 10 minutes. The T7 would run all week & still feel full.

So is this normal, am I doing something wrong, is the torch faulty, are the batteries faulty, am I charging wrong, should I change batteries? Any advice would be welcome – try to keep it simple please, as this is all new to me.

I’ve just amended this as I’ve just realised I told you the wrong batteries - sorry

Did you fully charge the batteries before you put them in the light? Also, what batteries?

I lied - they’re Nitecore 2600 (NL 186) - I charged them till the chargers lights went solid yellow

The Nitecore EC25 automatically switches from Turbo to High after 3 minutes of run time. Did you mean that the light lasted for 7 minutes on high after the automatic stepdown before blinking? Exactly how long under 2 hours did the light last under mid?

I was cycling between high & turbo, say a minute on turbo then two or three on high, then back to turbo. I never let it get to powering itself down - sorry, I should have been clearer about that. As far as mid goes, I reckon I did about 100 minutes, give or take. This was split over four or five episodes of about twenty minutes.