Nitecore EC4 - great price!

PM’s sent.

Any idea how long this will be available? I didn’t see this till now and it’s way to late in the month for me to have any money left for something like this.
I’ve wanted one for my after dark walks since OL did his review.

P.S. you can PM me the answer.

Interested, tell me the details.


I have bought one.

Nice deal.

Thank you dazed1. :slight_smile:

I am interested. PM please.

I’m interested, depending price, please send me a PM. Thanks!

PM’s sent, i hope i didn’t miss anyone.

I might be interested, depending on price. Please PM details. Thanks!

I’m Interested also, if still available. Thanks

Order one yesterday at a fantastic price.
Thank you for the great tip, Dazed1 !

PM’s sent.

PM’s sent again hope i didn’t miss anyone.


I’m interested, please PM me the detail.

PM me,please.

I have many other flashlights that duplicate some or most of its features.

… Resistance is futile.

I certainly have combinations of other flashlights that can do the same job better.

… Resistance is futile.

I must resist.

… Resistance is futile.

… Resistance is futile.

… Resistance is futile.

Dazed1, I’m definitely not interested 0:)

… but can you please PM me with the details? :evil:

PM me please.

PM’s sent.

Could you PM me the informations about this GB?

PM please, Price dependant.

I’m interested. PM please!