Nitecore EC4GT Video Review. (XP-L HI Cool White)

Hi there BLF, got a Nitecore review for you. It’s the upgraded version of the EC4, the EC4GT. There have been limited edition releases of this light for a few months now, but Nitecore just released the version here, with the standard black bezel. That looks to be the only difference. Anyway, there’s beamshots, runtimes, output figures and more. Nitecore provided this light for review.

Thanks for the review.
The beamshot comparison between the GT and the X6 is a good example showing the visual difference between a CW beam and a NW beam in the fog.

Nice review. Enjoyed it as usual. Thanks!

Yes it is. At first I thought it was going to be distracting, but I kind of like how they turned out.


Best reviews on the net period!

Let me blow your mind because you must not have seen these then…

Thanks for the second time today. The fireworks background noise was a little different to your normal background sounds. :beer:

I see CW, I’m like WTFFFFFFFFFFFFF :smiley:

I’m gonna say, there’s probably some gunfire mixed in too. I live in that kind of area now.

I don’t get it either man. Just put NW emitters in them all. They make them in HIs!

Sorry, but I managed to overlook this review completely when you placed it on the forum.
I only accidentally noticed the EC4GT when you compared beamshots with a more recently reviewed light.
Of course I have seen the add’s for it, but it did not strike me as having an “I am man - hear me roar” performance.

So I *oogled this original review, watched it, and I was hooked! Now I’m just waiting till the postman rings my doorbell. Thanks for pointing out it has no LVP. I have extended the welcoming committee with a pair of 3400 mAh Keeppowers.

I’ve tested a few Nitecore lights without it. I would err on the side of “No” if you’re not sure if a Nitecore light has LVP or not. Especially if it also can take CR123A batteries- which is a sign it may not have it. Thanks!

You have been on a nice roll lately. You are posting new reviews at an amazing pace. It’s very cool. Now I can spend all my time watching your myriad reviews. I know what you’re thinking, but don’t worry. When I grow up, I’m planning to get a life…

Thanks for the great review.

Which brings up an important point. I’ve spent all my spare time working on these. I’ve got about 3 lights I have to do… And one I want to do. Then I’m taking a break. I’ve been sent way more lights recently than I ever wanted. Some I’m not remotely interested in- but I guess have to do.

I’m working on a review for the k70 that I really want to do properly- but I don’t have access to the kind of distance required to show it off. I know it’s been reviewed- but I really want people to know what sort of class light it really is. Thanks man! Glad you like them. I’ve been working hard on them.

I can’t believe the rate you’re publishing these video reviews, but I can believe that it’s taking its toll. I think you shouldn’t feel any pressure to review unsolicited lights that are sent to you. I sometimes get sent review samples without asking for them on an unrelated field and I’ll just ask for the sender to arrange its return.

I can’t either. I used to do 1 or 2 a month and think that was a lot. I think I’ll take your approach. And offer to send them back if I get stuff I don’t want. I’ve been turning down many many light lately. YouTube is quite a bit of work, and I don’t know if it’s worth the time. By the way… I enjoy your reviews- you test stuff no one else does.

I have bought lights because of your reviews (including the EC4GT), so I really do appreciate the time and effort you put in to them!

Glad you like them! I also hope you didn’t buy a few because of the reviews!

I have done the same today.I found it at $60.00 and pulled the trigger.
Now I am waiting as well. :slight_smile:
Have you seen that it takes button top batteries?

I’ve just received the black bezeled EC4GT,put in two 30Qs,and I was impressed.Very good beam,plus smart UI.I think it is one of the best I have seen.I will turn it on this night to look it carefully.