Nitecore FLS360 36*LEDs 22,000lm Light Panels Floodlight

I’ll give you $19.99 for it.

That's ~1100lm/dollar

Will probably not buy…but I’m nevertheless interested.


for 100 lumens per dollar I will take it


I inexplicably want one of these. I have absolutely no idea what I’d use it for, getting a great tan maybe?!

Interested…depending on how much sucking noise this makes on, on my wallet.

Curious here


I’d love one but pretty sure its going to be $500+

Color temp & CRI? Are the batteries replaceable? Run time looks great. If they are sturdy enough they might be the best worklights I have ever seen.

Would be nice if they could be plugged in as well.

Each panel should be able to tip forward i.m. ever so h.o.

Very interested in this. Sign me up.

Curious & interested.

Hela interested!!! I do on call automotive service. This would provide more safety, look super professional help visability for me, the driver and other occupants. Possibly use less road flare also.

The only place I can find it with a price is here Google currency converter is giving me over £4000… surely that’s wrong?!