Nitecore FLS360 36*LEDs 22,000lm Light Panels Floodlight

Good Google skills, that looks like the correct currency exchange, I don’t know why it’s so gaddamn expensive

Thank you. Also, there’s a couple more sites showing 285000 p. which I assume is Russian Rubles. This is still giving me £3,300 :S There is no way it’s being sold for over 3 grand. That’s simply bizarre.

5.5K is way too much. Unless it is for 220Klm. Haha.

So closer to £500?!

Hi Freeme - any update on this?

I’m in depending on price.

$500 would be a steal. That isn’t much more than the cost with shipping for a quality ebike battery with the same capacity. It’d be difficult to piece something like this together for the same price. Let’s say a “400W” 200W actual floodlight for $200. $150 for a telescoping quick clamp tripod, but I’d swap that for a $100 stronger speaker stand with lift assist or crank. $300 for battery. $50 for charger. That might be 20% less with diligent and patient searching for the best deals, but it’d be huge, heavy, cumbersome, and less water resistant. Nitecore came up with what appears to be a very useful system. $5500 sounds like a lot, but emergency services would throw money at it like a rapper at a stripper. If it’s high CRI and constant current instead of PWM, photographers and videographers might use it too.



10 grand?!

Nitecore likes to be silent about these (they may think, negligible, but anyways) very important things.

$10k? Not even thinking about it now, or even 15 years later…

Haha, it seems, that they want to keep them all for themselves :smiling_imp: :person_facepalming:

If you could put those specs in something the size of the fl12, I’d spend $10,000 on it. Oh, & it has to run off of one 21700. Of course I don’t have $10,000, but if i did…

€5299 here:

Can get 25k lumens plus off one COB, add a diffuser screen, boost board, and 36V battery pack and you can have this for under $300 LOLOL

Y’all bumping this! LMAO I thought it was an April fool’s joke.

This is a really dumb design as a couple COBs would be cheaper, more efficient, smaller and frankly, just better. A single Bridgelux Vero29 would easily do 22k lumen at ~180w and that’s with 5700k and 80CRI.

If you used 3 and under-drove them at just ~55w each, you’d get a total of about 30k lumens using 165w and retain the aimable side lights.

for this price it should better have higher CRI than the sun :person_facepalming:

This thing needs portable generator or on trail.

no need for COB, simply stick to 5730 LEDs lots of them on cheap aluminum MCPCB
then somre frame and diffusor
battery pack with 32700 LiFe 3.2V batteries
good driver(s) maybe simply buy one of those MCPC boards with driver already on them