Nitecore HC30: Which 18650 Battery Works?

I have a Nitecore HC30 (a headlamp similar to the Zebralights) which is supposed to take 18650s, but it doesn’t work when I put in any of the NCR 18650Bs that I have. What’s going on here? Do I not have the right type of 18650? Is there anything I can do to make sure it does take the ones I have? I’ve been using the CR123A Lithium batteries that came with the light, and they’re working fine. Thanks for any help.

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Are your 18650B's Flat top?

The Nitecore HC30 needs Button top cells, like virtually all other Nitecore lights.

This is due to Nitecore's reverse polarity protection.

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Solder blob on the positive side of your 18650 and you’re good !

Yeah, my batteries are flat top. OK, so I need button top. Thanks for the info.