Nitecore i4 charger terminating early?


I just got one of the black Nitecore i4 intellichargers and have been using/testing it with some of my 18650s, but it looks like it’s terminating at 4.15V. This is consistently.

Plus, it looks like the batteries reach 4.15V, and then the charger still has only 2 of the LEDs blinking for a really, really long time before it stops, and at the end, the voltage is 4.15V.

I have an older white i4 (not Nitecore) that consistently terminates the same batteries at 4.20V - 4.21V.

Is this normal for the Nitecore? Anything I can do to adjust the termination voltage slightly?

Maybe that was why these were on sale?


That’s not a problem, if you use your battery, the voltage drops in seconds from 4.2 to 4.15 - you really not loosing any capacity.

So don’t worry about that

And even if the batteries come off at 4.15 it’s still within specs.


Ok, thanks. It still seems kind of weird, but I guess I can just throw it into the other charger if it really bothers me.

But, also, why does it take so long to terminate, and I’ve measured it during the period and the voltage is pretty much stuck at 4.15V?


Funny you should post this, I just received one from DD4 yesterday and tried it out with some brand new LG HE2’s, they have like 3 cycles through them. Anyway the new one stops at precisely 4.18v.
The older one always stops at 4.20 unless you have a weird battery like one of my Xtar 16340, that one will not go above 4.16 on any charger.
Having read Nitecore’s propaganda on the newer model it is supposed to be tweaked for newer IMR batteries, so maybe that is part of the new firmware?

Where did your’s come from?

I’ll try some other batteries on it to see if other batteries behave the same in this charger.
I did also charge 2 Ni-Mh AA batteries and it did not seem to get them as hot as the older model, so that part is all good. They terminated at 1.48, same as the old one.

I am happy with it as is, (great build quality and nice packaging), bought as a backup/additional unit to get batteries the same voltage for SRK’s etc., just weird how they change in newer versions.


Mine is from DD4 also…received a day or so ago.

Well, I have recently purchased one as well, Nitecore i4 (2014 version). I’m not really thrilled with it. Some cells are too much over, others under. Perhaps it is user error, or cheap DMM. If my apartment doesn’t catch fire, I’ll keep using it :stuck_out_tongue: