Nitecore MH10 w/ built in charging

Allow me to present another Nitecore addition for 2015.

Nitecore MH10


  • Size (Shorter than MH12 by eliminating tail switch and the usual 25.4 mm tube)
  • 18650 Battery for run time (Standard Protected Nitecore battery included - not proprietary like some competitors)
  • 1000 Lumen Turbo with Step-down to 240Lm at approx 3 minutes
  • Last mode memory OR hold button down to start in "Ultra-low"
  • Battery level indicator
  • Deep carry clip
  • Lighweight
  • Includes mico-usb charging cable


  • Mode spacing looks to be popular but would have preferred to have an additional 500 lumen mode (for my use)
  • Mode changes require holding power button until desired level is reached (I am accustomed to the immediate button press like on the P12)
  • Nitecore products require the use of button top batteries


I have grown very fond of Nitecore's (Sysmax's) offering during the last six months. I believe that they offer very comparable products and a price worthy alternative to Fenix lights. The MH10 is no exception.

For the last three weeks I have had several coworkers take this MH10 for a roadtest. I find that I get more objective responses than just using it myself. At work the Streamlight Strion was standard issue by the company. Of late the company has been searching for alternatives and is also issuing the Fenix UC40 (Rechargable). The Streamlight Strion uses an LG 2100mah battery in a proprietary form factor that makes it difficult to make it through the night on a complete charge. The Fenix has a 420 lumen turbo. The Nitecore MH10 is not only brighter in both Turbo and High than the Fenix UC40 but it also allows for a battery swap in the even that there is not enough time to recharge the light, although that has not occurred yet. Add this to the fact that my coworkers enjoyed the ability to just plug into the cigarette lighter for recharging.

Nitecore has also recently come out with several other slender EDC offerings (EA11, EC11). The advantage of the MH10 is not just the usb charging but also the run time of an 18650 battery - very important when using the light to work. (Note: The new MH20 does in fact use an 18650 battery but is is not as slender and the MH10, which is often an important factor when using the light for work and EDC)

I thought that by removing the tail switch that I would not like this light. the truth is that I do not even notice that it is missing. Now I just have to see if I can find a magnet to fit the tail cap :) This light is worth a look for anybody needing a pocket-sized but full power EDC light.