nitecore MH12GT questions

Fellas how tight is the battery held and what is the spring set up in this flashlight? Looking to use it as a budget gunlight( pest animals at night from a low recoil carbine, not bad guys, so I dont need surefire). If the battery rattles back and forth openly, or is likely to hammer the button top at one end on something solid, that maybe a problem. Thanks for your thoughts.

Battery will hammer the driver contact plate as there’s no spring there. I lost my MH20 after a pretty short drop on a hard surface.

Thanks Phantom23, its a no go then. Anyone know if a Fenix UC35 is set up to handle things any better?

One of the S-series Convoys (S3? S5?) had a rather “precise” fit and limited clearance that it wouldn’t even fit a protected cell. Such short travel could lock in the cell pretty snugly and not let it bounce around too much.

Just looked, it was the S5…

Only took unprotected flattops.

Well, if you can snag one, go for it…