Nitecore MH12S bundle (UK only)

Nitecore MH12S

- Boxed as new with all original accessories:

- Nitecore 21700 5000mAh battery

- Nitecore lanyard (unused)

- USB-C charge cable (unused)

- Holster (unused)

- 18650 battery adapter (unused)

- Spare O-ring (unused)

- Pocket clip (unused)

  • Instruction booklet and warranty card

- Also includes:

- 1 extra Nitecore 21700 5000mAh battery

- 1 extra spare O-ring

- 1 extra Nitecore USB-C cable

- 1 extra Nitecore pocket clip

- 1 extra Nitecore lanyard

- 1 extra Nitecore holster

- 1 extra Nitecore 18650 battery adapter

- Nitecore UI1 USB battery charger

  • Fenix special/pro edition adjustable lanyard - see photo, this lanyard is much better than the Nitecore ones and the lanyards you get with most flashlights from Fenix or Nitecore as it has an adjustable strap to make sure it stays secure. It only comes with special edition/pro Fenix lights

Bought in April this year from an authorised distributor, the light has had very little use and is in mint condition with no scuffs or scratches.

The batteries have also only seen light use and have been carefully stored at 40% charge when not in use to maximise lifespan.

Will be sent by fully insured next-day courier (not Royal Mail as they’re striking a lot at the moment)

£100 posted, uk only

Nitecore UK have confirmed they will honour the warranty if sold so this will have the full 5-year Nitecore warranty running from April this year

£80 posted (uk only)