Nitecore NDP20

A friend lend me his Nitecore NDP20 (a EDC Organizer), here are some of my thoughts on it.
The NDP20 is a compact EDC organizer with 2 compartments. There are several other EDC organizers, that differ mainly for the size of the front compartment and the correspondent presence or absent of a front Velcro layer.

The NDP20 can be carried using the provided strap, or the handle, or integrated in your system using the MOLLE attachments, with the provided MOLLE straps.

If you carry it with the MOLLE system, or within a bag, the strap can be removed and the 2 big D-ring are left free for carrying more stuff.

The Zippers are equipped with D-ring pullers

The 2 compartments are easily accessible because the zippers extend all the way. In each compartment there are elastic loops.
In the small compartment (15x15x2 cm) there’s a small d-ring and a keychain carrier. (velcro for attaching other bags and accessories)

In the bigger one (22x16x4 cm) there is a second compartment and some Velcro for Hook and Loop capability

Even when carried, you can access the whole contempt of the bag without taking it off of your shoulder.

Here’s the NDP20 with some EDC content: a knife, a multitool, a pen, a 2.5” Hard Drive, a Zippo lighter.

My thoughts
The NDP20 is a well made bag, and I would like it to have more small elastic bands, because, as you can see in the pic, they tend to keep in place firmly only large pieces of EDC equipment, like big multi tools or large knives.

Thanks to: AntoLed for the camera help.