Nitecore P16 pricing

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I’ve been looking for a new light for a while now. I did my research and decided to buy a Nitecore P16. I ordered it from doingoutdoor2013 on eBay 2 days ago. They are listed for $59.50.

Then, while researching a bit more yesterday, I came across, where the very same light is listed for $53.50… almost 13% cheaper if I also use the coupon code posted here on BLF. Free shipping is offered at both sites.

I emailed Bill to ask if he would honour the website price and refund me the difference. He seems pretty well respected on BLF. I’m still waiting for his reply, and I’ll let you know what happens.


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yes Bill is very nice and a lot of us buy lights from him as he has some good prices.

There will be charges for listing and transaction on Ebay.

Yeah he’s not making anymore selling at the higher price on ebay. He might offer to refund the same % BLF discount but I wouldn’t expect the full difference, ebay tend to take 10% + listing fees.

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to let you know that I was in contact with Bill, and that we reached an agreement to lower the price a bit. Taxation is handled differently between the two stores. This was a very positive experience and I definitely recommend his website They have some of the best prices around, the products are shipped quickly, and the communications are good.

I haven’t received my Nitecore P16 yet, but I’m looking forward to it!


So my Nitecore P16 arrived two weeks ago, and it looks like a marvellous piece of kit. Thanks again to Bill at for facilitating this exciting purchase.

But I couldn’t actually try it until yesterday, when my Panasonic NCR18650B protected 3400mAh batteries finally arrived from FastTech, along with a Nitecore Intellicharger I4. My first concern was that the battery might not fit inside the tube of the flashlight, but it does, without a problem. So I charged the batteries and four hours later they were ready. I popped a charged battery into the light and eagerly turned it on. To my huge disappointment, nothing happened. I got out my meter and verified that the batteries were good as was the flashlight switch. I feared the worst… that the battery was too long and was shorting out at the negative terminal. At 70mm in length it over-compresses the terminal springs and touches the end of the switch cap. I started to consider removing the protection circuitry from the battery to shorten it, but then Googled and came across this most useful posting: Physical impressions Fasttech Panasonic 3400 protected . I rooted around in my toolbox and found a thin non-conductive “washer”, popped it into the light between the battery and the negative terminal and it worked!

The Nitecore P16 is indeed a superior light, and is going to be much fun to use. However, be forewarned that the green Panasonic NCR18650B protected cells DO NOT WORK in this light without using “donut ring tape” or a similar solution.