Nitecore P20

I'm building some lights for local police officers using Solarforce L2P hosts, but when I saw the Nitecore P20 I had to pick it up for the officers that like having a strobe mode to try out. Pretty cool design with the dual tail switch. One surprise was the battery level indication. If you lock out the tailcap for about 5 seconds and screw it back tight, red LED's will blink from under the rubber boot 1 to 3 times to indicate battery voltage.

One thing I can't figure out is how the circuit is designed. I haven't taken it apart yet, but there is only one electrical path through the body. If you bypass the tailcap by connecting the body to the negative end of battery it will go to full output, which would just make me think that the LED is in a series circuit that goes from battery positive to body ground. But the tailcap is powered up at all times (has to be in order to have the blinking LED's), so there must be some circuitry in the head that allows current bypass the LED but when the current goes above a certain level it flips it over to power up the LED, maybe?

Has this ever been discussed here before?

As for the light itself, the "MODE" switch can get in the way meaning you access strobe when you don't want to. You just have to rotate the light so that the switch is above your thumb instead of below it, so that you can press the main switch without interference.

EDIT: Actually, they did a really good job here. If you accidentally press both switches while trying to turn on the light (either the "MODE" switch just before or just after the main switch), it will still turn the light on without going into strobe or switching modes.

The output is too cool of a tint for my preference, and the reflector is rather shallow. Of course I'm comparing it to a dedomed P60 which has a much warmer and brighter hotspot.

the driver may be in the tail cap…