Nitecore p25 or Solarfire x2 for a bicycle, and fake battery safety.

Hey guys, I’m looking at getting a new light for my bike and I’m torn between the Nitecore p25 traditional flashlight and the solarfire x2 bike light (with battery/charger).

The main issue for me is that I can get the solarfire for $30 whereas the nitecore would be about $90 with the 3400mAh Panasonic batteries and a mount. Now I know the night core will be a really nice quality bit of kit so I can justify the spend but if I went down the budget route I have two concerns.

1) How terrible are the no-brand battery packs? Has anyone here dissasembled one? would I be able to simply swap out the 18560 batteries for better ones?

2)How dangerous will the free charger be?

I have been ordering stuff from China Since I was a kid so I don’t want to sound overly cautious but electrical/fire safety is really important to me.

Many thanks in advance, Ollie

The problem with the chargers and battery packs is that they generally run in 2s2p and dont have a balance charger. which makes them not only dangerous but not last very long. At that point it becomes easier to just get the p25 and a bike mount, or something else that has modes suitable for biking/edc.
edit: you might also want to have a look at the review for the convoy l4 i believe that would give some good competition to the p25. Link

Hmm excuse my ignorance but would replacing the batteries with protected batteries help?
Also thanks for the link, the one thing that draws me to the p25 is the USB charging (even if it is a bit gimmicky) as I carry a mini USB charger with me everywhere and I see it as being a lot more convenient than a dedicated wall charger.

I have the P25 ( smilodon) and its internal Charging circuit is regulated and very safe for charging the battery in the light, better than the cheaper chargers out there for 18650.