Nitecore starts selling full-frame camera lenses

Hmm, lets see now, I need a Nitecore Tip and a full-frame Sony E-mount lens. Thank you for your order.

I've been following for about twenty years, and noticed this article:

snippet from the article: [quote] Nitecore, a Chinese company known for its rechargeable flashlights and third-party battery equipment, has taken an unexpected leap into to the world of optics with its Superior Prime lineup, a collection line of prime cinema lenses for full-frame camera systems. [/quote]

Comments to the article speculate these are re-branded.

Very nice! I love prime lenses— in fact I only shoot on prime lenses.

In BLF terms, they’re re-wrapped Nisi’s! Not sure how these will do, they seem like they were an experiment gone bad and they have to clear stock or at least sell a few runs to ROI the machinery/research.

IMO, Samyang/Rokinon is a better choice but maybe these have a certain character to them.

PS, I do not shoot video or have ever handled anything close to cine equipment or even a cine lens.

PPS, wake me up when Vapecell comes out with a 24-70 which they claim is a f/1.8 CA

Unno, I learned my lesson and only buy Nikon glass.

Even the cheap 55mm-200mm plastic-case lens is nigh amazing. I got a shot of 2 trees on an “island” in the middle of a small lake (or large pond), an egret tucked in the middle between them (’though I think on the other side of the lake, just framed by the trees), and on my first camera, a lowly D3000, it came out so clear that when you’d look at the 100%-crop image (ie, pixel level), not only could you see the egret’s eyes, but his pupils, clear and absolutely in focus.

Love him or hate him, but Ken Rockwell loves that lens as an amazing featherweight zoomie, and he’s 100% right.

Granted, I haven’t touched that lens in a decade or so since I got my 28mm-300mm donk, but I haven’t had the heart to sell it off or anything.

If you just want crappy pix for posting on the web or something, aftermarket lenses can be fine. If you want awesome, though, stick with OEM (Nikon, Canon, etc.).

I still want a Noct, though.

Don't get me started talking about photography, I'll never quite. My "go to" camera for flashlight photos is my Sony full frame A7S, with SEL2470Z lens and polarizer. I also don't use/own any non OE lenses. Such nice bokeh on the SEL2470Z.

The Nikon 55-200 was a jewel in the rough. My D80 kit came with it and boy was it giving me sharp hand helds with awesome crop potential. The 55-300 aint even close.

Oh, NiteCore lenses? No thanks.