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Hmmm, I was under the impression Trustfire was not to be ‘trusted’ has that changed then? Anything ending in fire used to mean , lies, fake and well, the chance of fire.
My sincere apologies if that is incorrect nowadays.


There’s been major improvements over that past few years. I’ve had several discussions with the manufacturer, they’ve revamped a lot of their products and their internal components. We only sell products that actually work. I was skeptical myself, but their quality of lights are impressive now. Of course when you compare it the other brands we carry such as Brinyte, Nitecore, and Klarus, their quality is on another level. The Brinyte brand we carry are just incredible.


This Trustfire MC3 personally my favorite, performs and feels like a $80-90 EDC/Tactical light\_pos=7&\_sid=affeb1539&\_ss=r


IMO Trustfire was never part of the scourge of crappy rebranded models. They had independent design back then with a couple of outstanding models like the R5 or the A8, and have continued to develop and release their own stuff up til now. Nowadays, they seem to be playing with the ultra-thin hyrbid TIR/reflectors, as well as branching out into other emitter options (they use the Match CA-18x in a couple of their lights). Fenix has also been playing woth both of those things recently, but those are the only 2 brands I’m aware of.

Unfortunately, I still don’t think their lights are quite fully up to enthusiast standard, still using PWM dimming or having blinky modes, but I don’t consider them to be garbage tier.

As far as the xxxxFire thing being concerned, it really depends. For the most part, you’re not wrong. While they don’t really exist in large quantities anymore, you used to be able to find dozens of “brands” that used that naming scheme. Ultrafire was of course the most well known of these, but the funny thing is that they themselves were never that bad. UltraFire had many lights that were extremely popular in the enthusiast space; the C3 was one of the best budget 1xAA for its time, their C8 design has survived until today. Other options like the WF-501b or F13 were also extremely popular with modders, and the infamous “Shadowhawk” zoomy was originally an UltraFire design as well. They’ve been pretty much defunc in the last several years now, I’ve not seen anything new from them in quite some time.

Then of course there’s Thorfire, which brought us some decent lights, as well as the BLF-Q8 before becoming what we now know as Sofirn IIRC. It’s a tricky thing; the late 2000’s/early 2010’s turned the xxxxfire brand into a mark of shame, when in reality things were (as they often are in life) never that simple. That all being said, don’t touch xxxxfire marked batteries. Some of them (especially older ones) are fine, but unless you can test them yourself, stay far far away.

ya the thing about ultrafire is, theres a lot of rip offs. i found so many batteries in my house that says ultrofire, ultrafite, all along those lines. i never really paid attention to them before. i think that added to their rep even more