Nitecore tail cap from the MT/SRT series thread

I am continuing with light project number one… turning a new host for the Suprabeam Q2 head band changing to 18650.

Got the body build, awaiting gth deriver and LED, but stuck with the threading of the host for the tail cap.

Any one happen to know the thread type used in the Nitecore tail cap from the MT/SRT series.?

I am turning my own host to use with one of these tail caps.

I never had the host to measure the body thread, and measuring the cap threads is proving difficult.

I can’t even get the switch out.

I assume it unscrews using the two recessed holes but the disk is extremely tight . May try heating git tomorrow. but stopped today before causing damage.


OK, got it open …drilled the holes deeper and a bit of heat with a hot air gun finally got the switch securing ring moving.

But that does not help, as the ring is a different thread to the thread to the section that screws the cap to the body.

the body size is suitable of r18650 cells. so MT2C size flashlight.;

Anyone know if Nitecore will be using metric or imperial? It seems to be about 20 tpi.