Nitecore TIKI - EDC headlamp mod

There’s no substitute for a good headlamp when you need to use both your hands for a task. But making a headlamp compact enough for EDC is difficult because of the bulk of the head strap. I’ve tried using a right angle light clipped to some part of the front of me to act as hands-free lighting, but with the clothes I normally wear it did not work well and it was a poor replacement for a headlamp. Then I thought of the idea of using my glasses as a mount for a small flashlight. There are some cheap clip-on options available that use button cells and a 5mm LED, but I wanted something rechargeable and with a quality beam.

This mod was simple once I found the right light. From some testing I knew I wanted something less than 15g . So AAA/10440 lights were out since they are typically more than 20g loaded. I also wanted a button rather than a twist switch which rules out most 10180 lights. The TIKI fit the bill; 12g, a side button, nice beam, and useful modes.

I used 8mm x 2mm neodymium disk magnets. They are strong enough to work through the thickness of the glasses arm so I could stealthily put the magnets on the inside and not look like a doofus with magnets on my glasses. I used epoxy to attach the magnets. The light works quite well as a headlamp. I can’t adjust the up/down angle, but it works fine for most tasks. My biggest complaint is that the button is not easy to press, and, for this application, I would prefer a more normal e-switch UI instead of the double-click-to-turn-on, no memory UI of this light.

Obviously this solution doesn’t work if you don’t wear glasses, but maybe this will help some of you looking for a very compact headlamp.

Clever mod!!!

Great idea! Now you can also put your glasses on any metal surfaces as an added bonus to your mod.

Great Job. :sunglasses:

Excellent! I love it!

But I dont wear glasses XP

Nice :slight_smile:

Thanks guys. :slight_smile:

So how do I carry the light when I’m not using it? At this point it is not replacing my EDC light which is a thrunite T10 which I carry inside front pocket. I will carry the TIKI on my keychain, as below. I stick the magnets to the little niteize prybar tool. This should sort of neutralize the magnets and keep them from sticking to random other things, I hope. I have not really carried it around yet so we’ll see if this system works.

That’s pretty clever! If you were to sell it on Kickstarter it would be called “world’s first modular eyeglasses with magnetic triple led EDC flashlight USB rechargeable”