NITECORE TIP . First Technical values/ post#13 version TIP 2017


TIP Winter Edition
Ask to M4DM4X for better price :wink:

I have some units of this, some of them v1 with high drain and now received Winter Edition that is V2.
My first values for Lumens estimated by me (Trevilux-box) and specs of Nitecore.
XP-G2 is really impresive for this Type of light, especially the Turbo mode:

Next, lumens of TIP XP-G2, TIP nichia and MecArmy SGN3:

Some for see tint beams:

Gift set Winter edition:

Thank you for the specs table. Glad to see Nitecore staying close to the stated specs.

Thanks for comment LeafSamurai.
Yes this time his data seems more correct than other times…

I have add comparative with nichia version and SGN3 of MecArmy.

Thanks for the comparison! I have the Nitecore TIP CRI and the Astrolux A01 and find the TIP CRI to be more pleasant. My A01 seems to have pretty yellow tint. My TIP CRI has not much tint.
In comparison with my neutral white lights, my TIP CRI appears pretty cool. But in comparison with my cool white lights, my TIP CRI has a bit of warmth in it. So conclude mine must be pretty “white” part of neutral white! :smiley:

CW for Tip still good tint. Didn’t too cool for my taste.

Did anyone ever do actual runtime graphs for this light?

Nitecore TIP


Direct access to last mode used, direct access to Turbo mode and direct access to lowest mode.
Lockout fuction (ok in the new units V2)
1 o 2 or 3 flash for indicate level of battery.

Someone have made a runtime in high?

great review (again ;) )

thanks for sharing!

Thanks Martin!.
It’s not really a full review, but it’s a model that’s been talked about a lot (and I wanted to show some basic info about it), and it really is a perfectly crafted EDC. With the lock working well on the new units, it is an essential flashlight. The Nitecore double switch interfaces are, to my liking, the most complete on the market.

Very nice review Trevi_lux & the photos are fantastic also. :THUMBS-UP:
Thank you for sharing!!

great review! I like this light!


Nitecore seems that in 2017 lauch a version with option for clip, I love this. The clip seems more reliable than my SGN3 clip.

New Nitecore TIP 2017 version:

Nice…. :slight_smile:

But the arms around the light should be longer to act as guard for the switches.

I glued a rectangular 2mm thick pice of plastik on the Tip for that and never used the electronic lock out.
It never turned on in my pocket.

Great idea! Happen to have a pic?

What type of glue did you use?

I used this, simple glue for paper in school,
It is similar to Uhu all purpose glue.

Simple glue, we call it Elmers. :smiley:

So you have a laser cutter? Lucky Lucky….

No, I have not a laser cutter, but I can use one in a nearby fablab.
Elmers is UHU in Germany. As the Tesa brand is mostly know for its Scotch Tape, but they do other sticky stuff too. :slight_smile:

Anyone have news about the NITECORE TIP 2017 version?, I have not seen yet in classic stores… I thing that with the new clip and the lockout running ok , will be a winner in this format.
Is the best and most complete interface, perfect for avoid accidentaly turn on in pocket.
I try to use my SGN3 (MecArmy) with the nice clip bought separetely, but the clip of SGN3 is unnestable, the clip in new version of TIP 2017 seems more reliable, and seems that will protect the micorUSB port. I hope a good price….and go for one at least…