Nitecore TIP2 video review by ZozzV6

Enjoy my newest video about Nitecore TIP2 sent to me by

Ah… same exact UI as the TINI, with the delay…
And XP-G3 with the tint shift from hell…
…and only in black, which will wear off / damage visibly in no time…
…and a big plastic chunk for a clip…

I still want one though. :blush:

I replaced leds with 5000K 90 CRI samsung LH351D. And the beam and tint is much better now. Yes the ano on the edges showed wear after a few days of use.

I was just told the SST-20 also works nicely with the optics.
I think they should have used frosted or pebbled optics, like the TINI.

Yes, i already saw some anodization damage in your video…
Maybe better to de-anodize it.

it is possibble. You can get out everything from housing. Maybe I will do it one day.


LOL! Was thinking the same. But I just can’t

This is better