Nitecore TM03 XHP70 - Sold

Greetings friends. I need to raise money for a few projects so I am going to part with a light or two. I’ve had a TM03 for roughly a year and I just don’t use it enough to justify keeping it. I’d estimate it’s been used for roughly 20 minutes in total. The light is like new. No scratches. No scuffs. It comes with the original Nitecore holster and if I can find the packaging, that will be included too.

The TM03 is a pretty sweet compact powerhouse of a light. The beam profile is very nice and they tuned out the infamous XHP70 dark cross with a nicely designed OP reflector. I have no doubt it puts out every bit of the 2800 lumens stated by Nitecore. It runs on a single proprietary Nitecore 18650 cell which is also included.

Here she is.

Looking down the barrel:

Shown here next to a C8 for size comparison.

There’s even a feel-good factor for whoever buys this light as part of the money will be used to buy shipping materials and craft supplies that I need to finish the commemorative boxed sets I’m putting together for the Old Lumens fund. Each set will contain one of the last knives Justin customized along with a copper OL limited edition A01 in a wooden display box. I won’t go into further detail yet as they are still a work in progress. Pinkpanda3310 came up with the boxed set idea while we were working on the OL knife auctions together. He’s already auctioned off a few sets similar to what I’ll be doing. All money raised in these auctions goes directly to Justin’s wife Valerie. I’m hoping to have this sold in the next few days if possible.

PayPal is the only payment method I can accept.

To avoid any shipping complications I’d like to keep the shipping within the U.S.

I’d like to start the bidding at $60.

Post any offers or comments here in this thread.


Ok this is officially my least popular thread ever! :disguised_face:

Maybe the proprietary 18650 is scaring ’em off?

What’s so proprietary about it? Regular 30Q or VTC won’t work?

I just found this post

Maybe you should consider sending it OS

I bid $60

That’s a fair point. One of the tricks they used to make the XHP70 run on a single cell is their special cell. If you run it on a regular 18650 like a 30Q for example it still works but you get maybe half the output. I think turbo is not available without their cell. I believe it has a second set of positive and negative contacts so it mimics two cells with a single cell. Don’t quote me on that, but I believe that’s a very rough description of how it works.

I would consider it but since this one has to be shipped with the proprietary cell I fear that could lead to trouble with shipping regulations and I cannot be responsible for a light seized by customs because the package contains a lithium cell. All responsibility would have to fall on the buyer as well as the additional shipping cost. It just didn’t seem fair and sounds like a bunch of hassle…

Thank you aginthelaw.
I did get a $60 offer first from another member in a PM. I responded that I wanted to give it a few days and that at $60 I’d like the buyer to cover shipping. I have not seen a reply yet but I would honor that as the first bid.

That said, going forward I would like the bidding to take place here in the thread as I am after all trying to raise money for a good cause. The shipping cost in the US at least by the easiest method I prefer is a small flat rate box with tracking that I believe is currently $7.15 anywhere in the US and is typically no longer than 2-3 days shipping time.

Bump :wink:

Ok all, I’m going to let this sit for roughly another 6 hours and then call it done.

The original person who sent me the $60 offer via PM has that same time to respond. If he does not respond then it goes to aginthelaw for $67 shipped. Aginthelaw please comment or PM me to confirm that you are ok covering shipping which brings it to the above mentioned $67.

Thanks for the bump MascaratumB.

Don’t be afraid to keep bidding people!

I did find one beauty mark on her. :blush: Actually on the holster, not the light…

Must not have had it locked out while in my backpack. You can see where that XHP70 was trying to burn its way to freedom. :zipper_mouth_face: :laughing:

The fact that I don’t have to wait like 2 weeks to a month for it is tempting…. I guess I will have 5hrs to decide if I want to jump on this bid lol

I’m still on board


Bumps appreciated. Thanks richnpc

I’ll cut this off at 3:00 PM EST which is just over an hour from now. So far the light is going to The T-man who made the first bid via PM of $67 shipped.

Sold to aginthelaw who should be receiving his new monster Monday.

PM sent with tracking info.

Thanks all.

Man, too late. Should have logged on sooner. I really wanted this guy. If anyone has 1 for sale around this price hit me up.