Nitecore TM26

Found this on another forum, no details as of yet other than the obvious:

They obviously saw the attention the Terminator has been getting. Looks interesting though. If its 4 x XM-L2 for 4000 lumens, it will be nice :slight_smile:

A poster on the other forum said 3600 lumens

It has an interesting looking digital screen too.

hmm… let’s see how long we have to wait before we’re going to see similar version from SkyRay but at much cheaper price :wink:

Just superb.

On the Nitecore website now:

It made me think of this when I saw it.

looks awesome but no idea about price :frowning:

I love the screen as I’m a sucker for displays!

my guess is msrp will be $275 or $299… just going by what they charged for the tm11 and tm15

edit: i just read the ad spot on nitcores webpage… now i want one… :stuck_out_tongue:

if they do a 2nd version with xml2 neutral - i am afraid i will have to sell the farm for one!

I dont think I will stretch to $300 for one. $200 probably but hey ho.
I’d love it if they did something with deeper reflectors and gave it more of a throw. Make the head bigger, bigger reflectors etc etc. Oh my I’d love it!

i agree with you about the price… i did have a tm11 at one point, but I got it on the gun safari promo for $150… if it was $300 the skyray king would be ~15% the price of it (albeit with many less features) and 60% of the lumens. you could even get 2 blackshadow terminators for less than $300… but lets see what nitecore sets the msrp at :slight_smile:

i do have a soft spot for 4x 18650 side by side lights that have great high outputs and extremely long low runtimes though :slight_smile:

Awesome looking flashlight!

Just a question with turbo modes on flashlights, can it be run consistently flat out in turbo mode until the batteries die or would it step down before that (due to heat or something?)
Because the difference with this flashlight between high and turbo is DOUBLE.

It probably steps down after 5 min or 3 min

Its got a temp sensor for step down at 60C. Its in the manual.

So why would anyone get this flashlight when a SRK does ~2450 lumen for as long as the battery allows?

I think it's hideous.

USD390 at battery junction. For that price, Id rather buy a RC40. At least that has a battery pack!

I remember when giant Search and Rescue lights were few and far between. Now it seems like everyone and his dog is making these monstrosities with 2k+ lumens.

I guess that’s a good thing as they are fun to play with. However, how many huge flashlights do you really need anyways? Plus as lumen count increases, it becomes harder and harder to get a significant Percentage advantage.

Going from an 800 lumen light to a TK70 with 2300 and highly focused is a significant gain. It should look about twice as bright (since we perceive 4x lumens to be about 2x as bright), but due to its Throw and focus, it appears brighter, but not 3x as bright.

Going from a 2000 lumen light to say a 3600lumen light just won’t be all that impressive though. Its not even double the lumens and its not a tighter package (in fact they are less throwy due to smaller reflectors), so for those who expect to get blown away by their upgrade, I believe they will be disappointed.

Anyone gotten a second huge light and can speak up on this subject? i.e. TK70 then got a 4xXML for example?