Nitecore TM26

I prefer 4 x XM-L2 neutral White :wink:



I love that indicator display with all its functions and illuminated On/Off switch. But to expensive for me.

$330 is way too much for me for this type of light… to spend 300+ it has to be something extremely unique… vpt, deft etc… i think i am going to wait until we start to see 4x xml2 neutral in this type of light or a price drop to around $150

Let’s see what FT sells it for!

Please stop posting in this thread. That light is awesome but costs too much! Kills me to think about it :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyone pulling the trigger on this one?

Where do you trust to buy it on a pre-order?

Im waiting for fastech to stock it , then im all over it , should make a nice addition to the family, Tm11 TN30 Ea4 2 TK35’s and a few kings lol

I already filled out a ticket … they said they will put it on their to do list. Maybe after Chinese new year

Anyone else completely turned off by that silicone dust cap/inset over the USB? Seems like something that will severely impact this light in terms of being water resistant.

Nitecore says this ‘smart light’ will be available next week in America.

It has a port for charging, like the TM 15, not a USB charger.

I wonder how valuable is it to have a USB charger…I guess having another way to charge a flashlight in a pinch is okay, but I just don’t see myself hooking up a flashlight to my laptop.

The car charger, on the other hand, may prove valuable, especially to campers, or those in Search and Rescue who are out for more than a few hours.

My bad, meant to say port, said USB, after seeing it on two of their other lights :o

Still, port, or micro USB, same problem IMO.

In terms of one vs the other, I do think having a micro USB port is useful. It's the most common charger out there, that can be bought on the spot in just about any convenience store... useful if you're traveling and forget your charger, or don't want to bring one.

Would also be very useful for recharging in the car, when needed. Often the first response cars are left running the whole time... would be useful for people to just leave the light on a charger, whenever not in use.

that’s okay; after I read your post I went back to the website to double check. I actually don’t want a USB port, as the port on the ac plug is weak enough!
You do make a good point about the cover. The one on the TM 15 is not one that gives me confidence that if I dropped the TM 15 in the water it would survive. If it had two of these openings, I would pass, with one, I am debating.

I love the displays, particularly the strength of the battery and the charging. It is about time to have a “smart” flashlight.

The money is a big issue. Right now, $330 is the lowest I have seen, and then the 4 Nitecore batteries. We also have seen pictures of higher powered Nitecore batteries, but they are not for sale yet (that I have found)….so this will not come cheap.

Will Skyray put out a TM 26 copy for 75% less? :slight_smile:

I asked Fasttech to see if they can start selling the MH25. The whole MH series has the charging option, and the port is covered with a screw down, not just a silicone cap.

You might want to take a look at the MH40...

I do really like the idea of a truly "Smart" light also, and I think on these larger multiemmiter lights, it's a very good fit. Takes up too much room to add display to the smaller ones imo.

I'm sure skyray, and others will copy it after a while... personally I'm not considering any of these newer lights, until they switch over to the new emitters.

Price is always ridiculously insane at time of launch. It should see a significant price drop sooner or later, Olight, Thrunites, BTU and SRK come to mind. With a little patience, we can make a killing with significant price drops.

It is definitely smart. Pricing is a bit high considering 4-LED BS Terminator price. But they have different “brain”.
I like the charging feature. Easier and I don’t get my flashlight very wet that often.
What I don’t like is her battery tube using one single piece of metal. Can’t they use spring contact, as those metal contact are not reliable to me.

I don’t know how much lower from retail it will go.

$399 retail price
$330 lowest I have found so far, direct from China.
Fasttech said that they would look into selling it.

EdisonLight said it will be up at their Ebay store within the next few days, but did not know what they will price it as.

$399 10% off from Longhorn Tactical, who is including the Nitecore batteries with it, which is a nice savings.

I think that, going forward, more lights will have displays of the battery power like this.

its an undersized brick painted black with some led's put in it. Btw imho its ugly not pretty .

Its appearance is something that caught my eye; I think it looks awesome, especially with the displays.

I think a lot of companies, by the end of 2013, will have displays like this on their flashlights.

I am hoping Nitecore will do a TM 26 Diffuser.

Yeah it’s a really cool looking light, batteryjunction posted a video

The oled screen is more awesome than I thought