Nitecore upgraded EC2 with xpg2 (410 lm)

nitecore ec2 looks like a nice pocket thrower…

I prefer the new EC21… EC21

I noticed the EC2 was updated for a few months now but couldn’t find a Chinese vendor that stocked them

Well, ec21 groupbuy would be nice :smiley:

The only place I see the updated Xpg2 version is Going gear in the US.I like the screwed on pocket clip, might have to order one.

Yeah GG was the only place I could find with the updated version. Shipping to Aus cost too much from them. So I just bought the older version from BG. Hopefully it’s bright enough for me

so please make it happen koyotee :stuck_out_tongue:

Basically all EC2s from over a year have XP-G2 emitters. Sellers use old pictures, that’s it.

EC21 looks nice but it has one major flaw comapred to EC2 - 3 minutes stepdown. EC2 can run for 30 minutes on turbo even though it’s slightly smaller.

EDIT. About EC21 - even though Nitecore claims that there is stepdown, runtime figures suggest that there isn’t one at all because on turbo (460lm) it runs much shorter (1:45h) than on high mode (210lm, 4:45h).

I don’t like the looks of ec2, and also the 3 minute turbo stepdown is enough, if you need great amounts of lumens for a longer period of time, you use a larger flashlight, atleast i do :slight_smile:

EC21 is not the brightest flashlight on the market, there’s no great amount of lumens even on turbo. It’s perfectly capable of running on turbo for much longer than 3 minutes (like EC2 does) and in that case I wouldn’t need another flashlight.

I’ve had a project in mind for an EC2 for a while, does anyone know any retailers selling off their XP-G stock for cheap now the the XP-G2’s came out?

XP-G2 came out a year ago and everything went smooth. Actually EC2 appears to be more expensive now, maybe it’s discontinued?