Nitefighter L1A angle head light for $12.79

'a pain' is mildly said for what was needed to get it al out, but I got it done with a major amount of controlled brute force:

But looking now at the construction I actually think it could have been done easier. The lens is plastic so what you can do is stick your tiniest screwdriver or knife at the side of the lens and work it outwards until it pops out. Then remove the o-ring, then the reflector can be easily pushed out. This way you do not have to push the reflector through the o-ring, this o-ring is namely pressed sideways instead of outwards when the reflector is pushed out, making it so hard.

but I’ll wait — any suggestion on a better emitter and driver that will go into this thing?

I would be happy to change or eliminate the reflector, and use that space for thermal contact/driver, and have it be a mule/fully floody light.


But in this light you are stuck with the press-fit plastic lens, no getting around that. May be very ok in practice but it feels a bit wrong.

Sorry, I was wrong. The lens is made of plastic(14.3mm in dia.) I disassembled the head too.
Now I’m waiting for 14mm AR lens from KD. There are plans to glue it.

LED mcpcb 12mm in dia.

just received what I thought was a this light after 4 weeks from order but it turns
out to be a very nicely packaged gift box in it was 2 vapes, wall wart and other stuff
I don’t know about.

I have one of those (link) from KD

and it works just fine, it is not perfect fit but it is good enough.

I am looking for bike mount that will fit L1A, anyone ? :slight_smile:

I use the Fenix ALB-10 on the handlebar w/ a standard flashlight (I use various modded EE X6s). For an angled light, you could mount it on the stem instead. It can rotate about 30**, but not 90**. It’s super stable for bombing down bumpy trails, can accept a light w/ battery tube up to about 30mm in diameter.

Got mine for $14.19 from banggood.

Is the body behind the MCPB flat?

found its brother

nitefighter T1A

I guess Chinese light manufacturer mafia have all agreed that all the cheap, yet suprisingly well built lights, must all have no mode memory and always start on high :D!

Otherwise would grab this light in an instant, still thinking about piciking it up!

Any beamshots or comparison shots against similar output level on “known” lights?
Also, anyone more expert than me (almost everyone) can suggest a better driver for this, with more modes and at least a double power output?
Also is 1h runtime with as low as 85lm just too low even for a low efficent driver?

For anyone who is interested in modding this light, I made a driver for it.

Looks like its out of stock both at GB and BG!

Looks like a nice little light WITH NO PWM!!! Wow!! Is the area underneath the LED star flat?

Under the led is flat with a tiny divot in the center

No longer available. Too bad I overlooked this thread before. Would make a nice beater headlamp for working on cars and whatnot.

If anybody really wanted one now that they appear to be gone, I think I found a clone. It’s not as cheap, but at least it has a better strap.

L1A appears to be available from Aliexpress for 16$ shipped.

Good find!

I haven’t even finished modding the one I have, but I’m still considering buying another.