NITEYE FLASHLIGHT SALE!!! EYE-40 for $212 and more!

Just came across this sweet deal, and wanted to share with you guys. Sadly, I can’t place my order because my card is NON-US.

Hope it works for you.

mmmm me likey.

I’m pissed and saddened by the fact I cannot put any orders… Been waiting for the eye40 for long time. I’ll have to get the terminator instead i guess.

maybe someone here would be willing to buy and ship to you? never hurts to ask

It there anybody here willing to pay it with their paypal and put my address for shipping?

Where are you?

I live in Panama but I have fordwarding address in Miami FL 33166

Have you tried applying with Paypal with your credit card? It’s quite easy and fast.

Their ‘original’ price is just a ridiculous joke to make it seem extra special. If free shipping, the prices are definitely good, but I can’t handle those ‘original prices’

I’m trying with both paypal and credit card. I even have a paypal US account but even so it shows error 3005 at the end which is related to internetional bank accounts.

+1 EYE10 list price $199? I can get the titanium version cheaper ($169) from HKE - aluminium price is $64 shipped.