Niwalker BK-FA09s VS K70, Test, Review, Compare Video

Back again with another video. Both lights were purchased and not review samples.

BK-FA09s tested very close to K70 as far as output when using 30Q under identical conditions. I was surprised how well the BK-FA09s compared overall. Still a couple areas where the K70 would be a clear choice over the Niwalker light, but alas tint would not be one of those. Much nicer neutral tint in the Niwalker light imo. However, as you’ll see in the video, running in turbo over extended periods (heat sinking) clearly belong to the K70. Lots of beam shots at the end.

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Really nice, thanks
Love how you light these two monsters facing the wall behind you.
And when that first car drove by, I was like “no, he isn’t” and BAM yeah you were :smiley:

Haha, thanks. Yes, they are simply monsters when you consider the last 5-10 years of what has been considered monster throwers. That car wasn’t quite on “the wrong side of the lux” yet. I don’t think a ticket is in order :smiling_imp: . Actually he was a bit far off in the distance still.

Hi papa, as always, another great review. :+1:

2 days ago I ordered a Niwalker BK FA09s with a code from Martin. And now I ’ve seen your review, I’m glad I bought the Niwalker.

Thanks for the video, buddy. It’s really good. I liked it.

The K70 has won my respect. The Vostro, not so much. It just looks nice and rugged.

You see, this is how stupid manufacturers are—if both lights were regulated at 1,850 lumens on the nose, they would maintain constant brightness and not produce scorching heat on the hand. But nobody seems to have sense anymore. Makes me so angry.

Thanks for the review.

I been considering the Vostro, and after your review of it next to the K70, the K70 moved ahead on my list.

Now I need to justify the cost for a light like this. And make a decision which one to buy.

Nice review man, didn’t know you were on BLF I’ve seen several of your vids. Nice work. Is that a Dalai Lama framed pic right there?

Thanks. I had thought that the K70 would be all over the BK-FA09s, but it turns out not to be the case. I found it more came down to preference and application than one light blowing the other away.


I see how this would be difficult. Price may play an additional factor towards getting the Niwalker light. Obviously if you are required to or planning to use it for long periods at a time then the K70 may better serve. I personally love the neutral tint on the BK-FA09s. :smiley:

Thanks. Yes, I’ve found BLF to be a very rich website and I’m happy to be a member. That picture is of Tibetan Lama Khen Rinpoche Lobzang Tsetan, who serves under the Dalai Lama as Abbot of the Tashilhunpo Monastery. Thanks for asking. I didn’t even realize the picture was in the frame until I was editing. Been moving a bunch of stuff around in my house recently so it’s been a bit of chaos. It’s one of my favorite pictures along with family pictures. He and my Mom have been friends for some time.

nice comparison - thank you for the nice video