[NLD] Convoy S2+ Red + Nichia 219C 4000K

Ever since I saw goshdogit’s weathered S2+ I wanted one for my self. And I’ve been wanting to build a nightstand light for some time now. With an illuminated tailcap. So here’s the parts I ordered:

Host: Convoy S2+ Red
Driver: LD-A4 3Amp
Emitter: Nichia 219C 4000k CRI92
Lens: 60degree TIR
ILC-0 Illuminated Tailcap Switch

The light is used indoors, at night. so the 60* TIR makes sure it has no spotlight, only a nice wide beam.
The host got some sanding with P180 sandpaper to give it the weathered look.
After the first assembly i discovered the “black gasket in the switch issue”. But with the help of djozz I swapped out the black gasket in the metal switch.

The new gaskets arrived, and now the build is 100% complete 8^)

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Nice build, and it looks like you managed to get the metal switch light up bright enough with the ILC-0!
(and sorry, you should not had to wait so long for the gaskets)

Nice build :THUMBS-UP:

No worries, I’ll gladly wait for free stuff that fixes my problem :smiley: :beer:

Also, thoose tailcap pics are a little over-exposed, to show the red light.
IRL it’s dimmer. Just the right amount to find it in the dark, but not so bright it lights up the room :THUMBS-UP:

Hi, sorry to bump such an old thread but is it possible I can buy those clear gaskets anywhere? I want to mod a couple of my S2+s with metal switches and light them up. Thanks!

Nice build. Enjoy!

PM me your address, and i’ll send you some of the gaskets djozz sent me :smiley: :THUMBS-UP:

PM sent :slight_smile:

I have a question for the OP: How did you get any light through the gaskets to the outside of this switch? I have the same driver and the same tailcap so presumably they’re the same brightness, but I don’t see anything through my S2+ metal switch. I only see light through it if I shine a fairly bright torch through it.