[NLD] Lumintop EDC Pico Thoughts

The EDC Pico is a sturdy, bright, and compact keychain light that packs a lot of punch for it’s small size. At only 0.42 oz, and just over 1.63 inches, it essentially disappears on a keychain. The package comes with a micro USB cable, spare o-rings, and a clip that can be seen in the picture. Operation is simple- tightening the head starts at 15 lumens and then it goes to 130 lumens when twisted a bit further. I am usually not a fan of twisties, but I think it works well with this light. I hate having to switch a light on/off/on/off/on to get through the modes. This is much simpler.

The cool white beam is all flood, thanks to the TIR “optic”. The tint is cooler than what I prefer, but it is not off-putting by any means.

Beam profile. All spill with a slightly brighter center. Despite the camera adjusting, it gives a good representation of the tint.

The low setting is perfect for up-close tasks such as finding the lock on a door at night and looking for something in a bag. The 130 lumen “high” is plenty enough for a backup light or really any task where you need extra light in a pinch. The built in battery is an 80 mAh 10180, which is charged via a micro USB. They claim a full charge in 57 minutes, and I found that pretty accurate. The battery is not removable (unless you break the light down as some may do), but I expect it to last a long time.

Beside a car key (Hyundai)

Pico, Tube, TIP CRI

Pico, Tube, TIP CRI

Despite it’s light weight, it feels substantial and well built. One thing I noticed about most everything I have seen online about this light, is that it is hard to judge it’s actual size from pictures. Here are some pictures with it compared to a standard car key and other lights (Nitecore Tube and Nitecore TIP).

Overall, I really like this light and think it is solid. I personally prefer a neutral-to-warm tint, but that is me. I would say the color temp is a little closer to pure white than the Tube, which is very blue-purple to my eyes. Given a choice between the Tube and this light, I would certainly pay the $5 or $6 extra for this. If you are a fan of cool white, or don’t mind it, I think Lumintop came through with a good light that contends well in the $10-$20 keychain light category.
I purchased mine through Lumintop’s store on Amazon, https://www.amazon.com/LED-Keychain-Flashlight-Rechargeable-Build/dp/B07TJTQ1ZL

EDIT: added beam shots and link to the light on Amazon.

I can do without the CW, but I like those 2-stage twisties. Some Wuben keychain/necklace lights have that, too.

I wish the battery was replaceable.

It would be more ergonomic if it too were flat,
instead of the (traditional) round barrel. YMMV

What is NLD?

Just recently there was a claim for the opposite (which I didn’t agree with):


New Light Day

I like the shape and proportions.
Looks like it would be easy to stuff in a jeans pocket,
with no chance of it rotating sideways
or getting hung up on my phone case….

I have a Pico and an Astrolux M01. I like the Nichia 219C in the M01 better (obviously), and I like that its battery can be replaced. The Pico feels like it’s better quality though. The double threading is a nifty thing, and its head turns smoothly. The activation switch seems better thought out as well. Screwing in the head on the Pico presses down a little button that switches modes. The M01 seems to have two contact points in the head, and when turned far enough, both touch a metal plate to activate high. I had to replace my first M01 because it stopped activating high mode in under a week. I think the metal plate got dented in and prevented contact being made. The new one is a little flickery too, just like the first one, but at least both modes work. The only thing I haven’t tested is the possibility of parasitic drain on the Pico. Some have reported that the battery can drain in a couple of weeks with no use.

The tint is really the only think that I am not a fan of with the light. If they made it in a 219c, I would be all over it.

Here it is on a keychain, not bad.
!Pico Pico - Album on Imgur!

I’m selling mine if anyone’s interested. WTS:

It’s a nice light but I prefer something bigger with a removable cell.