[NLD] Niwalker ET2 minimax V2

Most flashlights featuring multiple separate emitter clusters are powered by 18650 or 21700 cells. It’s uncommon to find it in 18350 (and 20350) sizes. And even less common where one emitter port has a single LED with reflector while the other is a triple TIR. This is a weird light, for sure. I have a habit of picking up really strange lights from time to time. The Niwalker ET2 v2 compelled me, even though for $4 more on discount, I could’ve picked up a Lumintop FW4A with Anduril UI. I needed my dose of weird, I guess. (I do have an FW3A and love it, with an FWAA coming in a couple weeks).

I’ve never owned a Niwalker light before, so I was curious to experience their product quality. There is much to like about this flashlight model. The build quality is excellent, and I’d say it’s a step above my FW3A. The anodizing is super and the screw threads are squared off (foolproof). The stubby “T” shape is wonderful to handle. In the profile, the switch side is flat while the charging port side is convex, which enhances ergonomics while also achieving 100% anti-roll. In a pinch, you could weapon-light this with your gun grip (much like with HDS & Novatac). It’s a total tail-stander, squat and unshaken (anti-tip). The provided battery comes with a sticker across the bottom and no markings at all… so I thought it was a dummy cell at first! Peeling off the bottom revealed the contact and the cell had some charge to it. The 18350 goes in loosely and you’d think it would rattle, but when the tail is screwed down, it’s secured—no rattles. I’m going to look into getting a 20350 for this light though.

Some curiosities: the triple TIR is Carclo 105xx sized… so you could swap in other optics, if you had the right tool to loosen the bezel. You could also install other GITD inserts that you might’ve bought for your FW3A. :wink: There is no provision for a clip (too stubby a body) but there is a lanyard ring tucked in (permanently?) that rotates with a firm twist so you can attach the supplied wrist strap and then tuck the loop back under the head. The charging plug is made of a very nice solid rubber and amply covers the port to protect against dust/moisture. The switch lights up to show charging state but… it’s so faint you can barely see it except in a dim/dark room!

The UI is unusual and takes some getting used to… but then, so did Narsil & Anduril. I just wish there was a large online diagram available, as the manual is so very small. I don’t know if this will end up as a shelf-oddity conversation piece or if I’ll make regular use of it. I had the same feeling about my Lumintop Geek (also another weirdo), but I do use it from time to time. FYI, in case anyone is curious, the reason why you see a greenish glow in the triple TIR above is that there is a green GITD insert (stock). Niwalker seems to offer occasional choice on installed GITD color, but they also offer GITD packs on their website.

Btw, the side switch has a nice tactile feel and lies almost flush. It is light enough for accidental activation though, but thankfully a very slight turn of the tail will lock out the light to prevent it.

I could go ahead and do a full review, but given how there hasn’t been a ton of interest in this brand expressed here, I’ll cut this short. If Niwalker would like a more thorough coverage, something could be arranged. :wink:

Anyone else out here have this light and just haven’t gotten around to posting?

I like it.

It looks like the single is warm to very warm. I wish the triple was as well. Looking it up now.

Is the firefly mode on the single or triple? Do you have a link to the UI manual, none on their site.

The single is 3000k. Definitely warm. The “intention” appears to be to utilize both cold & warm together. Of course, you can operate them separately as well. You might have to go with the larger ET2 or ET3 18650 cell lights for a choice in other emitters.
Firefly mode works on both sets of emitters. Could not find a UI manual anywhere on-line.

EDIT: I scanned in the manual and made a composite image, in case anyone might like to see it. LINK.

Just a follow-up here.

I have not been using my ET mini V2 very much. Just on occasion. While the dual reflector setup is a bit novel, with one as a triple TIR and the other a single LED w/reflector, it’s just a bit too bulky. With no 18650 option, it’s rather limited. The 18650 tube from one of the other models may actually fit, but the cost to obtain plus shipping ends up to be more than 50% of what I paid for the flashlight. And they’re all silver, which doesn’t match the black finish.

The more pressing problem I have with this flashlight is the parasitic drain. I’ve tried two methods:

  1. Simply left OFF
  2. Electronic lockout
    They both drain about the same. Within 3 weeks the battery is nearly exhausted. The only way to mitigate this is to do a physical lockout. Of course, you have to remember to do it… And periodically I’ve forgotten. It’s a shame. This flashlight had a lot of promise. I had hoped NiWalker might release some other versions of the ET mini, a V3 with 18650 tube option and choice of emitters. But the parasitic drain is a problem—much too high for practicality.