BG has blf a6 $18.26 for 4 days

” Xtar VP2 @Nkon”:https://www.nkon.nl/xtar-vp2-charger.html for 23euro
price only shows after putting it in basket.
Don’t know if it really is a deal but for European people it might be better then ordering from china.

20% discount at www.thrunite.com with code “JULY”. Valid July 10th-16th.

I took advantage of the 20% off and ordered a TN4a NW yesterday, will have it in my hand today with free shipping! Such a deal.


—FLASH SALE at GEARBEST: $13.59 Y-Start, JIN02 D2 steel
sorry, ‘strikethrough’ just wasn’t happening. lol

(Expired) Kershaw 3920 Shield Knife with SpeedSafe $17.99 (Daily Deal)

Free Shipping With Prime or Free Shipping With Order >$25

BLF 'Show us your Kershaw knives' Thread

EDITED: 7-19-2017

DQG Hobi Titanium for $20, 9 hours left:

Lumintop SD75 for $105,-

Lumintop SD75 much cheaper than usual, due to low base price. Additional discount with “2017FNL” results in $105 or 91 Euro at Banggood: https://www.banggood.com/LUMINTOP-SD75-XHP70-4000LM-Super-Bright-LED-Flashlight-To-652M-p-998859.html?rmmds=search

Discussion: 【NEW】LUMINTOP SD75: Maybe The Best Brightest XHP70 LED Rechargeable Searchlight 4000 Lumens 652 Meters

I love this light very much! Cheers everyone. :partying_face:

Sofirn’s 1-mode slide-type zoomie looks interesting: a few for sale for $10

No model number in the description and I haven’t found a thread reviewing this.
I don’t have one so this is speculative for those who like zoomies.
Note as far as I am aware Sofirn tends to glue their lights shut requiring applying a couple of strap wrenches to begin improving them.


AceBeam L16 $60 for AMZ Prime members

Got an amazon direct link? I am not going to sign up to Vipon.

My final price was $53.97 with a $35.98 discount. I think having a business account gives better pricing. I’ll take it!

8-Pack AmazonBasics AAA Rechargeable Batteries - $9.99 [USA Only]

Made in Japan.

Free shipping if you have Prime or if you order $25 or more.


Discuss it here:


AceBeam L16 $60 for AMZ Prime members who are willing to sign up for VIPON


4* NCR18650GA for $4.51/piece, $18.04 total
I find it good, but I’ll look for a better deal…

  • shipping.

I guess depends on your location. Free to Poland.

Thank you very much for the heads up,
Just got 2X Lumintop SD75 for AU$278 / US$220 about US$110 Each .
Without you it would have been AU$386.
https://www.banggood.com/LUMINTOP-SD75-XHP70-4000LM-Super-Bright-LED-Fla… (link is external) CODE – “2017FNL

Thank you,

Cheers, Mick

On The Road X6 XM-L2 variant in 1A and 3C tint at Gearbest for about $37 or 31 Euro: https://www.gearbest.com/on-the-road-x6-\_gear/c_11264/

Discussion: On the road X6 XHP 50?

Not too popular here, perhaps because of L6. It’s also XM-L2 for only 1100 lumens. But the host is rock solid. For this price you get a hefty XM-L2 light with great throw. Hey it’s just 37 bucks! :smiley:

Convoy C8 XP-L HI V2 1A for $16, 31 pieces left:
It’s a flashsale, so you can drop it to $11.2 with points (I don’t have so many points, so I bought for a full price).