Gearbest was nice enough to hook me up on a new Jacob A60 code for $9.99 and asked me to share. Code is good threw Oct. 20. I also asked if to could be shared outside BLF and they said to for it (I needed to pick up a few hosts for a pair of PH-54 powered hunting lights)

A60 Code:JacobA60

They also reminded me the Ultrafire F13 code is still active.

F13 code: GBF13

C8 with XM-L2 for $7USD.
The driver probably needs to be replaced to get constant current but apart from that it’s a good deal I think. By itself, the XM-L2 is worth $3.

4.19$ for bare led, 4.89$ with Noctigons

If you are in the US do a search on E-bay there are some that are about the same price and no shipping. or about $1 cheaper.

The one I ordered just arrived, it’s not a XML LED.

There is a Promotion on a lot of led lights at gearbest

For example the courui Big Head Thrower for cheap: 32.07$

(This is a kind of affiliate link where I should get a discount if I buy one after someone else have bought with this code….)

That link above (COURUI) has just been superceeded by this new promo, bringing down the price to $29.99

Group buy sale for the TR-S700. This is a 7*XM-L2 light that uses three 26650, has a handle with a slider that provides infinitely variable output.

Group buy price is $116.99.

UF-T20 has been restocked at GearBest . cuopon is: GBUFT20 . Price: $18.99
and Headlamp 3 x Cree coupon: GBHeadlamp price:$19.39

Just came across this

after ordering, I got a notice that it’s out of stock and I have options of refund or credit at 1.2x or get something else.
bummer, as a newbie, I don’t yet have a thrower…

update: today GB notified that they’re back in stock again.

Note: Headlamp description is wrong, not 3 XM-L's.

Edit: Discussion thread added.


Does anyone know where I can get some of those exact SMT switches? (Even if I have to buy 100 of so). I need one and tho I have a pretty big selection of switches, even a few styles with the same footprint the application requires that exact size body / plunger. (if anyone knows please PM me)

Also UF-T20 for $18 and 1405 for $26! if I wasn’t going to be ordering a JAX Z1 soon I’d be all over both of them

Edit: sorry, no discussion, forgot where I was…

To get this thread back on topic, here's the UF deal mentioned above. :)

UniqueFire UF-1405 for only $26.99 with coupon UF1405 (<-- aff link - non-aff here)

Discussion thread: https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/27290#comment-654552


Fixed Star Cree XM-L2 Super Brightness Waterproof 3-LED Torch (1800LM 3 Modes 4 x 18650 Battery)
http://www.gearbest.com/led-flashlights/pp_75433.html, the coupon code is fixedstarcm, expired on 24th, October. $20.99

Not recommended. See thread below.
Thanks Gj

Discussion thread:


Brunton 81-300696 Solarflat 2W Amorhous Panel 12/Pack
MSRP: $480.00
Price: $120.00 (You save $360.00)

[GearBest.com] Happy Columbus Day Discount
1) $5 OFF $50+, $10 OFF $100+ >> coupon: Columbus100
2) 8% OFF Storewide >> coupon: ColumbusGB

^Funny how the prices in my cart are rising up after applying the coupons.

cnqualitygoods.com sale in some flashlights
time left unknown