No longer available: A dozen CR123A Batteries with or w/o cases $15, $16.50, $18.50

#1). For sale: $15 shipped to USA only. Thinning out some extra batteries:

The 8 Surefire CR123A batteries are new and unused with exp date of 09-2027 and open circuit voltage of 3.25 volts.

The Olight is also new. Came from one of my headlamps. Not sure of exp date but open circuit voltage is 3.247 volts.

1x Panasonic with exp date of 08-2027 and open circuit voltage of 3.24 volts

The other two Panasonic may not be exactly pristine and have exp date of 09-2027 and O.C. voltage of 3.22v…….and 12-2020 and 3.21 volts

Note the two cell battery cases have small cracks on one corner each. Came that way to me in the mail due to insufficient packing………but I will do a lot better job with this sale.

#2). Shipped in USA $16.50. No cases but all Surefire with exp date of 09-2027

#3). Shipped in USA $18.50: 12 Surefire (exp date 09-2027) plus two 2-cell cases and two 4-cell cases.