No magnifying glass?

If you don’t have a magnifying glass and you’ve got an old rifle scope laying around collecting dust, use it instead. Just turn it around and look through the objective end. I found this out when attempting a gasoline dedome. Worked like a charm.


Take apart a old camera lens and you can find some of these parts too.

Or old binoculars... I have a pair of ~35mm lenses still in the plastic housings that I use as both a loupe and a macro lens for my camera.

The lenses of zoomies I have bought all work fine as magnifying glasses. You put the flat side toward the subject, as it is usually closer to the lens than your eye is. I have a discarded one that I use, and I unscrew them from lights that are handy.

or the lenses inside those big projection TV’s, should be 3 of em

Cool tip 556. Thank you.

Anyone have one of these??

I’ve seen those before, I was going to get one but I realized that damping out vibration on the higher magnifications would be a real problem.

I think that thee lowest setting would be all I would need.
Might buy one after I get back form vacation to try.

I love this guy…the “Steve Irwin” of electronics :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for saving me $30

The $60 one looks a lot better, might try it………

And now I want an Andonstar. :slight_smile:

Thanks. I figured it was a fitting post for a budget forum. It appears there are a number of ways to see small on the cheap. That is if you’ve got some spare optics laying around. :slight_smile: