No more SPAM?

Just noticed they are gone.


Yeah I think people were using it show dislike towards a person instead of its intended spam alert.


EDIT - Oh, you mean the mark as spam button.

good riddance..

Yep, it was getting out of hand. And it made a lot of people feel bad seeing their SPAM level at -1. There were even some automatic account suspensions of legitimate users. So I'm currently looking for a better method. Meanwhile, please PM me the username of obvious spammers.

Thanks for your patience!

I think that is a good decision, thanks sb56637 (by the way, do you have a name? :D )

I wonder if there's a "thumbs up/down" option you could plug in like you see on article comments. That seems to make the most sense if that's the aim. I was also thinking how the spam feature was unfairly depicting some posters.


Hmmm. I don't really want this to turn into Slashdot, where people try to post witty stuff just to get their comment rating up.

I tend to agree. If someone gets out of line the other members will make it known. As for the thumbs-up part of it, that makes it a popularity contest. I think most people come here for good information not a popularity contest.

I don't think you need to replace the Spam button with anything. I've seen other forums that have a like/dislike button. They then usually end up removing the dislike button because that's misused (turned into a personal thing) and who needs a like button because people use that to pig pile when used with someone's comment disagreeing with someone else.

I think the spamers are obvious anyway.

I would hate to see a thumbs up or down rating system. I just in-vision all the hate on youtube. If you don't like someones post suck it up princess!

Maybe a spam button that would only show the results to the moderators?

I totally agree. I don't prefer anything like that. The popularity contest isn't necessary. Honestly, I don't have the patience to rate individual posts anyway, haha. I never did that sort of thing on other sites. But I'm not familiar with anything else and that's all I could think of.

Can we install an ass-baiting button?

Maybe a spam button directed to the moderators so he/she could assess and take action.

If there is no more spam does that mean spambot is just a Bot ?

If you don't have Spam than how would you get any pudding ?

Oh. Too bad I love Spam, Egg and Cheese on my sandwich.. - yes I'm weird this way

Oh wait - it's about the Spam button

Unfortunately, spam will never completely disappear. By the way, this is the origin of SPAM:

+1 lol