Noctigon 20mm copper triple build help

hey guys im going to be building my first triple light >) and need some help

im looking to get 4 Noctigon 20mm copper triple boards but im debating what leds should i use with this reflectors

im looking for the most out of these leds that i choose so any ideas on what leds i should go with and the driver set up to power all them ?

any discussion is welcome

PS: this is going into one flashlight

1As are pretty awesome when de-domed, and they're only $2.40 each at Fasttech. :party:

Here's a post with wall shots of most of the different optics on both domed and de-domed LEDs:

I really like the XP-G2 2B at IOS. They’re a very pure white.

Agreed, 2B is my favorite IF the domes have to stay on. But any other tint in the R5 bin is around double the price of the 1As, unless there's a sooper-sekrit source somewhere out there I haven't found yet.

Can anyone recommend a good driver to power up 12 XP-G2 2B leds looking to push them a lil bit

What are you powering it with, how much room for the driver?

driver size in no big deal im running 4x18650 parallel if that wont work ill try to make it in series

driver size in no big deal im running 4x18650 parallel if that wont work ill try to make it in series

Ooh, only 4.2v makes it tricky.

There's lots of ways to configure it, both with the 3XP boards set up for either series or parallel LEDs, and the boards connected to each other and/or the driver also in series or parallel or both...

Actually, using four separate Nanjg drivers (one master, 3 slaves), each one running a single 3XP with the LEDs in parallel, wouldn't be a bad option. It would essentially be four single cell triples all in the same body and controlled by a single switch. My plain non-hot-rod ICR cells will push 4.2A into these triples with a 12x 7135 driver (they will not do that much into just a single LED, the triples wired in parallel need less voltage which allows more current), so four cells and four drivers and four 3XPs would work, especially if you have good IMR/INR cells.

Thanks com for the good idea never thought of going that route