Noctigon Meteor M43 & TN36 Beamshots

Just for the heck of it, I took a few beamshots from two of my newest lights, the Noctigon Meteor M43 and the Thrunite TN36. The M43 I have has 12 XP-G2 S4 2B emitters rated at a total of 7,480 lumens. The TN36 has 3 MK-R emitters rated at 6,510 lumens. Here are a few pics for size comparisons and beamshots. By the way, I’m using a crappy phone camera so don’t be too hard on me.

L to R: Nitecore TM36 Lite, XinTD C8 V5, Thrunite TN36, Eagletac D25LC2 Mini, Nitecore MH20, and a Noctigon Meteor M43.

TN36 Left M43 Right



M43 Low

M43 Med

M43 High

M43 Turbo

TN36 Low

TN36 Med

TN36 High

TN36 Turbo

TN 36 looks much brighter on turbo.

I think your M43 high and turbo are backwards.

I think the problem is the brightness of the Turbo on the M43 would cause a phone camera to auto adjust and darken the shot. Unless of course the OP changed the settings to manual?

Either this or as mentioned the pics are swapped about.

Nice close up shots. Is there any chance of longer distance shots? Thanks by the way for posting up.

I only thought that because the TN36 to me looks more intense than the M43 even on the high shot. I know my TN36 isn’t anywhere near as intense as my XP-G2 M43.

Either way, thanks for the shots. I’d be keen to see one of the TM36! :wink:

The more floody a light is, in this case TN36 has very little throw and a lot of spill, the better the camera exposure will appear to be, closer to reality since it does not have 2 extremes for such cameras with low dynamic range.
Well, then of course come the speculative things, cells used, charge level, pictures swapped, etc.

I tried to look at the exif data but my computer was giving me problems. If someone could open one those pictures in Photoshop that might give you the answer.

They are stripped of the info.

I noticed that when I opened them in “preview.” So I tried opening them in Photoshop and it wouldn’t open the pictures, which is what was weird. I don’t think photoshop has ever not opened a JPEG for me yet. Again, didn’t have time to trouble shoot.

DJBURKES and thanks for the comparison shots ,I must say I am quite envious you have great lights.

I did swap the M43 high and turbo by mistake, will correct it. The M43 is brighter than the TN36, it’s quite noticeable to the naked eye, the pics really don’t do it justice. The TN36 has a ton of spill, while the M43 has a more defined hot spot.

Picture snafu fixed.

TN36 Mouseover.

Since I was not around for Noah I seem to be always be compensating and wanting more FLOOD, cant seem to get enough FLOOD.

So the TN36 (now to wait for corporate or to swap for 3C xhp70 emitters) J)

I went on a late night walk last night, took the M43 and TN36 with me. The M43 was definitely the top performer. The light from the TN36, I’d have to say, was unusable for me. It does a decent job at lighting things up extremely bright about 20 feet in front of you but it’s not good for seeing what may be lurking in the shadows. The M43 does a wonderful job at putting the light where it’s needed, whether it’s directly in front of you or at a medium distance. Turbo definitely works at deterring the ankle biters in the neighborhood. Turbo on the TN36 seems to blind you as much as it blinds what you’re pointing at.

I support your right to your opnion, but have we actually arrived at the point where taking 6,000 lumens for a walk results in ” The light from the TN36, I’d have to say, was unusable for me. It does a decent job at lighting things up extremely bright about 20 feet in front of you but it’s not good for seeing what may be lurking in the shadows.” Really not good for seeing into shadows?… well ok if you say so. In my ignorance I would think more would hide in the shadows of a thrower then a flooder?

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I’m actually comparing two flooders, one that’s actually a little better with lighting than the other. The TN36 puts out an extremely wide flood beam compared to the M43, the M43 I have puts out a wide flood beam too but doesn’t have the “blind yourself” affect that the TN36 has. You would probably have to put hands on them to understand what I’m referring to. Yep…everything I put on here is definitely my opinion.



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If there was a good Boost driver for 3 MK-Rs - You could just built your own out of a King.
MK-Rs are pretty cheap - even on copper boards (I have 5 here that cost me $22 on copper)