Nokia battery tried to surprise me yesterday...

I have this old E72 Nokia, which I prefer for full keyboard.

Original battery is over 2 years old, so it is not in best cap anymore.
I bought locally a genuine Nokia battery.

It was cheap, because it had been sitting on shelf for 3 years. Still had good runtime, still at good voltage.
Nothing to rant, used it for almost a year.

Last weekend I was on train. Suddenly, got repetitive low-batt warnings from my phone after which the battery state always recovered up.
At evening, I started charging it and noticed, that the charger kept warm longer, than usual!

After hour, I tested the phone and it was also warm, which is not usual.
I unplugged it, battery was pretty warm but not hot yet.

The shape on battery was beginning to get just a tad round from flat sides…….

Always keep an eye on strange behavious! :slight_smile:


Puffing = Not a good sign ...
“A unique drawback of the Li-ion battery is that its life span is dependent upon aging from time of manufacturing (shelf life) regardless of whether it was charged …”

Same happened to my 6120 (BL-5B). Back cover is almost impossible to close :bigsmile: