Non-Flashlight Things You Enjoyed Doing Today

Great stories guys.

All that happened here on the ranch lately is hanging an old kitchen cabinet donated by a friend into the barn yesterday , was a real beetch trying to lean 3 feet off a step ladder over the work bench and lift it up onto a 2x4 shelf that I mounted to get it level and at the right height.
Should have had someone else here to help or at least to call 911 but got er done and now have more workshelf space available and a place to house things.

Also was a nice day today for PA, so took the old Mazda pickup out for a ride and delivered a rarely used extra gas grill to a buddy for use at his cabin.
So now it’s off my deck and don’t have to worry about it coming through the glass door when the never ending west wind gets her.

And last but not least the Eagle landed this morning so that was a good surprise:)


Did a thorough vacuum sweep of my apartment. Left no spot untouched. Nothing better to make home feel pleasant again after the rain brought down all the drought dust and made hoovering not pointless.

went for a long ride on a Jetson Bolt. Lots of fun!

riding road bike 88 miles last week
just getting things done, with some unnecessary miles :slight_smile:

learning new knots

sewing or trying to



Today, for the first time in approximately 10 weeks, I was able to attend a community ecclesiastical function. It was absolutely blessed!

I cut the lawn using my riding lawnmower. It does have a modified LED headlight (Lawnmower LED Light Bulb), but that should still count, right? In the middle of winter with the cold and snow, I always think about how nice it will be again in the summer cutting the lawn. It’s very relaxing and the fresh cut grass smells so good.

It’s even more enjoyable since I used to have a walk behind lawnmower and cutting the lawn was such a chore. It’s still a lot of work every other time with trimming and blowing, but it’s so much less work and quicker now.

Thanks, MoreLumens. I enjoy seeing the pictures.

How far north are those images? What altitude? The tree size reminds me of what I might see here if I went above 10,000 feet (3000 m) altitude. I’m at about 35 degrees north. The images I posted are nearby at about 8800 feet (2680 m). Of course, the seasonal hours of sunlight difference help to confuse growth too.

Do you get much precipitation? We get an annual average of 19” (45 cm). But that seems to be becoming less over time.

Washed, sealed, and waxed my car. Then a thorough interior detailing. Ready for the summer weather.

I use Meguiar’s sealant and wax products. For the exterior black trim, tires, interior panels and dash I use Aerospace 303 spray. For the seating surfaces I use Meguiar’s leather conditioner and cleaner.

I like more lumens pics of the treasure he found ...imagine finding a perfectly good garret metal detector . that's a good find .

Nothing new, the same old thing sort of day. :slight_smile: I love walking the woods later in the day like this when it is overcast and there are no harsh shadows. Earlier there was some rain. Now it is quiet, just a hint of a breeze that comes and goes. Peaceful. Unlike what amounts to the so-called civilized sections of our world.

I dug out an old game camera today. Hopefully, I’ll have some elk images to share in a day or three.

Sometimes I do have to work at various things up here. A little manual labour on a fire access road

piece of road…

I completed a small wooden box, approx 5.25 x 3.125 x 2 inches (135mm x 80mm x 50mm). Five types of wood with purpleheart being the main wood. Not too fancy, not perfect but it was fun to make and will be a surprise gift.

Kewl, looks nice!

Whaddya do wittit?

“do” ??

Put stuff in it. :wink:

Well, a shoebox could fill that function.

Medal? Diorama? Bronzed baby-shoes? Shrunken-head?

For me, it was an exercise in edge gluing up some 3/4” stock and then ripping it down the center to make 2 slabs about 1/4” thick. Each slab was cut it an end and a side. After a bit more work I had a box. Sorta pretty, but without any distinct purpose.

It did help me hit on an idea for a future project; something similar that would incorporate some low power LED’s…

I cut and hauled a pick-up load of firewood. Seems to be something instinctual about getting firewood in the fall—kinda like a squirrel gathering nuts or cones I guess. I have at least enough for the next 3 years piled up now but for a firewooder, there is no such thing as “enough”. Gotta keep hauling until the snow gets too deep. Just can’t help myself. :smiley:

Wellp, it shore is purty!

Thank you.