Non-torch interests

I thought it might be interesting to have a thread where members could post about their non-flashlight hobbies or interests. It could serve as a resource for other members with similar interests.

Since my junior high school days due to the ‘industrial arts’ class which included sandcasting aluminum I have since had an interest in metals. Having acquired a variety of rough gemstones this has expanded into an interest in casting precious metals. Associated with this is an interest in cabbing and cutting rough. A star ruby crystal and rough star sapphire sitting next to me acquired many years ago helped inspire this topic.

I’m also a bit of a rock hound. It’s a good feeling finding nearly fossils hundreds of millions of years old, chunks of material like rose quartz, and tektites in significant quantities where they’re not known to be.

Another interest is brewing. I appreciate a good ale, lager, mead, sake, and wine, and have been working on keg-based equipment but the setup is incomplete due to limited resources. Boil kettle is ready but the mash tun built from a keg in a 30 gallon poly drum insulated with spray foam still needs work on the false bottom and chiller coil.

I also have a long-standing interest in organic farming including tobacco. I am a smoker, and have grown and air cured close to 100 strains of tobacco. One of my best (favorite) experiences is the smell of tobacco aging in the barn, and selecting leaf then cutting and blending a variety of strains and letting them sit and merge flavors before finally enjoying the result. Virginia bright leaf, white gold, and a bit of a turkish strain, cherry red, red burley, and rustica is one of my favorites. Some years ago I was in contact with ‘Sun’ Butler who helped create the ‘Native American Spirit’ brand and if I had more land I would have become a certified organic grower supplying tobacco for the brand.

What are your non-torch interests?

Good thread! I am an avid non-competitive bench rest shooter / reloader / bullet caster / pistol shooter. Who, also loves photography!

I can relate. I honestly enjoyed my M16 qualifications. No experience with casting or loading but I enjoyed target shooting. Of course, venison from a deer you took down yourself is also a pleasant experience.

I love shooting, casting and re-loading. I’m a computer programmer, a Linux nut since about 1994, and an amateur photographer. But my favorite hobby is bicycling, especially mountain biking.

Nice idea, this thread!

Another Linux nut here, since about 2001. Like many others here, I also love photography, but I’ve never owned any really good gear and I don’t have much time for it now. I’ve also always loved 2-way radios, and now Chinese products allow me to mess around with that kind of hardware on the cheap in a way that I could never dream of doing as a kid.

Apart from this, I generally tend to have strong opinions on EDC type items, be it a pen, a backpack, a multi-tool, a cell phone, or even shirts and shoes; I either love it or I hate it, and I like things that have a minimal and clean design.

I used redhat and SuSE in the latter 90s but switched back to ms due to lack of support for my motorola based modem. I enjoyed compiling a fast compact kernel though, since I ran multi-processor self-builts. Back to linux since 2005 (a gentoo based distro and most recently arch based). Wish I could find a few people near me interested in cycling. Bike and molle gear ready to go.

Shooting; pistol, rifle, shotgun. Reloading to feed the kids.

Slingshot or slingbow? Cheaper than reloading for rabbit and other small game.

Another amateur photographer here, also I still have an interest in an old hobby, model trains, but something had to give financially so I sold off most of my train stuff and bought a couple of lens :money_mouth_face:

Using Ubuntu with LXDE, gave up on MS totally after XPpro.

Cheers David

Cars, movies/teevee, photography, edged weapons, lots of tekkie things.

I like the technical aspect of cars, wiring, exhaust, cooling, all the different interacting systems. I can never leave well enough alone. LED lighting, upgraded suspension, useful mods, not silly wings and spoilers and stretched rubber and “look cool” things that make the car drive like $#+#. Like stretched 8”-wide tires on 9”-wide rims, at such a negative camber that you’re almost riding on the inner edge of the rim… do you seriously think you’re getting a good ride with that? Somebody should tell those jokers to knock it off, and pull their pants up, too, because they look retarded. :person_facepalming:

And I like cars in general, at least those that sound like cars, not like high-strung lawnmowers with gastrointestinal disturbances. Even in a mostly-stock Regal (whisper-quiet at idle), stomping on the loud pedal and getting appreciative head-turns and smiles gives me the warm fuzzies. :smiley:

As for photography, I specialise in in-flight critters, always trying to get that “impossible” shot. One of my crowning glories was an in-flight dragonfly pic (they tuck their legs in, kinda like helicopter skids), and some schmo emailed everyone who commented on my pic that it was fake, photoshopped, that no way could a camera/lens focus that quickly on an in-flight bug like that, and then posted a similar accusation in the conference itself, so I went and posted more shots of that type, crisp enough that you could count the critter’s nose-hairs. Showed him…

Bugs, birds, turtles, bunnies, all kinds of critters in the wild, fair game for my camera. And the usual sunsets, seascapes, flowers, trees, “simple delights”, that kind of thing. It’s relaxing.

I like critters in general. Always had dogs, ’til my last hairy little brother died, then it was just cats. When they both died within weeks of each other, it got awful lonely, but I’ve got a cat in front and one in back who come for their daily feedings. Not counting the raccoons, armadillos, and now skunks who finish off the food that the cats don’t eat at night. Yeah, skunks in nyc… Who’da thunk it?

Buncha other things I’m probably not remembering right off.

Wow, I didn’t realise there were interests other than flashlights. :smiley:

FPV racing, quadcopters & other RC
This hobby pretty much takes up a lot of time and money. Incredible how much I have spent on quads and RC in general.

LED flashlights and designing interior lights
Outdoor hobbies, hiking, traveling, photography, outdoor gear
Knives & knife making (I have only made 1 so far and it was a terrible one)
Survival, prepping (but I never actually had a “survival” situation or scenario)
Guns, rifles, slingbows, slingshots, airsoft
Electronics (1st degree is in EE and I play around with led drivers, power supplies, DMM, …)
shaving (have multiple DE razors)
Travel, road trips, EU & USA
Cars (I work mostly on BMWs but I am keen to get some American muscle)
Motorcycles (don’t ride any longer but follow the scene, magazines)
ATVs (my uncle has one, those are a lot of fun. saving up for my own)
Tools & air tools
Computers, Linux, software in general
Wifi (I try to make my own antennas for FPV, home wifi, …)
single board computers, IoT, ADSB
HOME / DIY (furniture making, renovating, woodworking, build stuff around the house)
indoor gardening (grow lights, no, not that kind of growing! :slight_smile:
ham radio
investments, stocks & funds
weight lifting

forgot, I also have a job that requires a lot of time & travel. needless to say I have no time for wife & kids (yet)

Got any intersting pics of your pet rocks tekwyzrd?

My other main hobby is cycling. At the moment I’m riding at least twice a week but aiming to up that as I have a major event coming in October. Recently got myself a dropper post and it’s taking a few rides to get used to.

I also enjoy reading… probably not the genre(s) that others around here might enjoy though. I often borrow my daughters books which are in the ‘Young Adult’ category and tend to revolve around dystopia scenarios such as ‘Hunger Games’, ‘Divergent’, and ‘In the After’. I sometimes read literotica too.

PC modding:

RC cars:


Music production and DJing:

Speaker design and building:

Also programming, web design, 3d modeling, and DMX lighting programming/control.

I like flashlights, knives, computers, video games, movies, music, and television.

accordion, singing in band
road bicycling
contra dance
zydeco, cajun dance
2 5 year old boy twins
fixing things
collect clocks, watches, tools, camera tripods {long story}, calculators, slide rules, toys, bike paraphernalia

Knives (folders mainly)
Self Defense training/teaching
Weightlifting/amateur powerlifting
Reading, mainly psychology but also about any of the above

Non-torch hobbies…
I am interested in RC, more specific, quadcopter(drone), but i also play other types like Cars and plane, heli(heli is the most thrilling one)
Another hobby is programming with microcontroller, im thinking about learning some IoTs stuff now

My new hobby this year is metal casting, I built a foundry furnace this spring, and I’ve been working on refining it and learning mold making.

This thread reminds me of a guys’ sig on another forum that resonates with me:

[QUOTE]I don’t have hobbies. I’m building a robust post-apocalyptic skill set.

Playing rock/blues bass guitar for almost 48 years, tools, gadgets, vacuum tube audio, Large screen TV’s with surround sound, Mac and PC computers, home electronics, home improvements/maintenance, gardening, cooking, eating quality foods, etc.