Noob, Newb, Noobie, FNG

Call me whatever ya like...just don't call me late for dinner :D

Stumbled upon this site by accident...doing some research on the SkyRay KING and totally blown away by 30 pages of posts and awesome info

I also am researching batteries and other things...mostly because I am a vaper (haven't touched a stinky in over 5 months and counting and batteries are one of the most crucial part of not blowing your face off by overdrawing current wise on cheap batteries

Not sure what else to say...former marine (2841 so the understanding of electronics won't be an issue), into guns (duh), cars, motorcycles, vaping, computers, oh..and now flashlights (yay for another hobby I can spend money on)

I have at least 1/2 dozen Sipik SK-68's, a Sipik SK-98 inbound, and a UltraFire WF-502B LED Flashlight Host and Cree XM-L T6 10W LED Drop-in Module lets see what I can do with it...

Welcome to the BLF .

This is your new home, WarHawk-AVG!

Welcome to blf.
For 18650 (I hope you have a variable voltage/wattage mod) go for laptop pull. Before knowing blf, I bought Chinese 18650 or fake ultrafire. Then someone mentioned here “laptop pull”. I am French so I didn’t understood that right away but then I realized that I have access to a lot of dead laptop computer batteries for free. And not only it’s always 18650 in them, it’s most of the time Japanese cell and for the worse, Korean cell (I use Orange LG cell for my vamo v3).

Nice...but don't think that ammo will work in the desert eagle :D

No worries...I have one that will :P

and correction, I have 2x UltraFire WF-502B LED Flashlight Host and Cree XM-L T6 10W LED Drop-in Module...uggh...I need more 18650's and 14500's now

Welcome aboard WarHawk. Electronics knowledge is definitely needed here.