Hi Gents, Easter deal and clearence , all unused new and boxed items ( discontinued sale or clearence )
voltage reading checked before shipping , coming with free protective case and 2nd class free shipping
1st class optional its £0.70p extra
Batteries great for high powered LED lights or any LED CREE flashlights , bike and headlights

1x set (pair) KEEPPOWER 18650 IMR 3200mAh 10/20A flat top batteries ( LG MH1 built in ) £10 incl shipping 2nd class to UK only

5x set (pair) KEEPPOWER 18650 IMR 2250mAh 10/20A Button top Batteries ( Pana CGR CH built in ) £7

10x set (pair) Sibeile 18350 IMR 800mAh Flat Top Batteries ( no case please, buy 2 sets get free plastic case ) £5

10x set (pair) Sibeile 18650 2000mAh 7/15A rate flat top batteries £6

1x set (pair ) KEEPPOWER IMR 18650 2500mAh Button Top ( 25r built in ) £10

10x (pair ) PANASONIC NCR 18650 A Protected Button top , PCB trip current 3A , free case incl , £11

special size batteries 14650 /14670 protected 1100mah available as well.

offers ending 28th at 11PM Uk time , UK deliveries only via RM economy 2nd class\_rdc=1

International shipping is more, yes?
( U.S.)

Yes , US shipping , chepest i found is :

Sorry, but you expect people to trust this?
Brand new user, less than a week old wants people to send money. Without even pictures? (include username and date on a piece of paper)

Oh yea, offers end 28th at 11PM Uk time. Aka No time for questions, send money now!

And you come off sounding like a store, post in Commercial Sellers’ Spot, yet I see no introduction to your store. Not even a link to your store. Perhaps sounding like a commercial seller is just intended to add a feel of legitimacy.

If you are totally honest, my apologies. But you should consider how you appear when trying to sell things.

Hi , dont know if they trust or not :slight_smile: selling lithium cells over 6 years in UK\_rdc=1


Yea, an introduction and link would have helped. :–5

thanks , how can i upload pictures, let me just add URL or ? orders via FB welcome as well

Since you have an ebay store, you don’t really need to post pictures.

But if you want to you can post pictures using this code or like this

Without doubt.

I’m sitting here thinking, who are you? :???:

who am i ? click the two links to Fb or the shop please :slight_smile: