Not A Bad Haul For One Day

These all came in the mail about noon today. I been real tired so just now getting around to posting them. There are 3 more Hi-Max batteries that aren’t in the picture that are in the chargers.

Crelant V21-A, Crelant V9U2, Crelant 7G5CS with collimator head, FandyFire STL-V6

I’d say that’s a great haul for a day!!! :wink:

Really nice haul!! I am green with envy. More beamshots coming soon I hope?

Christmas came early :slight_smile:

That's more than I've ever gotten in during a whole week.

I got 3 more lights coming. One is for my son. I’m hoping my 85watt HID will be here either tomorrow or Wed.

Nice score, that Collameter head looks totally Pimp :wink:

Hey how is that Crelant V21A? I have been eying it for a while.

I like it. It’s pretty dang bright at 450 lumens on high. I think it’s well worth the money. I myself like all 3 of the Crelants.

You win the lottery or something? You buy more lights than I would know what to do with :wink:

That’s what happens when you got a buddy like rikr on here who has over 155 lights. You try and keep up. But I still got a long way to go.

Nice collection Brad,is that the one with the u3 bin or u2?I feel some beamshots coming......


All those Crelants are U2’s.

LOL. When ever I get too many I have the need to either sell some or give them as gifts. How is the 7G5CS with collimator head? I have the U3 version coming and was thinking of ordering the c.h. Your input would be greatly appreciated on the c.h. Thanks.

Well the old 7G5V2 with collimator head is brighter than the 7G5CS collimator. But the collimator head is the way to go if you want throw.

hahaha The lights that you just got is more than all the lights that I own! Have a real Merry Christmas Brad…

I’m more interested in the batteries!
However the 7G5CS looks to be quite nice, and the collimator head I see still has the annoying holes in the side of it :frowning: but it does produce a great beam for an aspheric, and a large hotspot too due to the XML.

Here’s a few beamshots.

Crelant 7G5CS U2 Collimator Head




You are one crazy dude, Brad! Awesome haul! 8)

Thanks. That’s not a bad days work right there. LOL!