Not a light decision...

Hi all,

I've been pouring over endless posts, opinions, beamshots, etc., for the last few days.

I'm in the market for a fresh light, & will be buying something tonight after I've had a few drinks :)

As well as a few hot P60's & C8's, I also have the Solarforce MPP-1 & MPP-2.

I'm really looking for something that can blow the MPP's out of the weeds.

From what I've seen here, I think I'm looking at something like a TR-3T6 or TR-J12, probably with a mod/driver replacement. I'm not sure if a large reflector single LED will do the trick, but I could be wrong (I don't want a laser-like thin beam).

- 18650 is preferable (don't have any 26650 gear)

- Modding is always an option.

- I don't really want to spend more that a pineapple ($50), but a little more won't hurt.

- Runtime on 'high' is not a particularly big issue, but I wouldn't want it throttling down after just a min. or so.

Am I on the right track here looking at the TR-3T6 or TR-J12?


I think you are - if you’re ok with the length

Otherwise you might want to look at the king or its clones

The SRK is still on the short-list, but with it’s form-factor, I’m not sure it’s as ‘mod-friendly’ as the conventional ‘plunger’ design, in regards to switches & drivers.

on the topic of the ‘king’, can anyone point out any important differences between these three;

The $45 dollar one has T6’s, the others have U2’s.


I was playing around with a TR-3T6 just last week and I have to admit, it’s a very impressive light indeed, especially for it’s size.

When I compared it to a TN30, it really gave it (the TN30) a good run for it’s money.

Hi, does your TN30 not work very well. I have both the TR 3T6 and the old and new TN30, and the Old TN30 i have beats the TR 3T6 convincingly.

Stock 3T6… Lots of light for the money and good runtime, but not super bright.
Resistor modded 3T6… Real nice! Cant be beaten for about 30$
3T6 with new high output driver (3x3A amp) … Holy shit,this turned into a bright light! :smiley:

I had a TR-J12, I loved it except for the CW tint, got a NW TN30 so I sold the TR-J12, but I would not hesitate to recommend one at all.

With there being some apparent differences with drivers with the SRK, can anyone confirm if the cheaper one ($37.90);

is any lesser than these other two?; ($48.64 & $45.00 respectively).


Ok, I’ve moved on from beer to home made liquor, & have made the decision to purchase the TR-3T6

Seems that the combination of price, modd-ability, & compatible spares can’t really be beat.

…now to wait a couple of weeks for it….

I'd start with a Convoy L2 body from FastTech if you want some crazy throw.

Reflector and supported board sizes here.

Yeah, I was looking for some more info on the new L2, but there was not much out there. @ over $40 bucks just for the host, it’s too much of an unknown…. I didn’t want to end up with a slightly better MPP-1….

I’m sure the TR-3T6 will make me happy, & in the mean-time, some of us will have posted more info on the L2.

+1 will probably b my next light

Yes it works fine, but bear in mind the stock TR-3T6 I was comparing it to was pulling approx 5 amps. I thought they all did this or perhaps it’s another pick ‘n’ mix light, much like the SRK ?

Hi Spazmod, your 3T6 is a definate Keeper then. Mine doesn’t come close to the TN30’s i have, wish my 3T6 came from the same batch as yours. I do like the 3T6 though, it is a great workhorse.