not sure where to post this eBay HID 45/65/85 watt light

I have An eBay HID light. I got it a couple years ago…. for some reason the 45 and 65 work but can’t get the light to click into 85…. does anyone have experience with these…. do modes burn out?

could be the battery has aged and can no longer sustain the current required for the highest mode.

do you have a way to test the battery’s capacity such as a hobby charger?

It’s the battery pack causing the problem as jmpaul said, although it’s not the battery aging that causes the problem, it’s a fried circuit or dry soldered joints on the circuit board inside the battery pack. On mine i took the battery pack apart and re soldered the joints.
Got all the modes working again, although eventually the current draw was to much for the thread thin wires and the battery cables melted and fused together.
9 unprotected icr li-ion batteries shorting could of been bad or so I’m lead to believe, although it just smellt a bit, no sparks or exploding torch.
So from a safety point of view, it might be better just leaving it as it is, will probably last longer not having the 85 watt mode as the draw is too much for the cables and circuit board