Not your EDC ...But your ..Go To Light ...What is it ?

I don't edc any one light in particular other than my keychain S-1 SS from cqg. and when I carry a light it's almost random ...So this question isn't about your edc unless it's the first and last light you normally grab ..

What is your Go-To light ??

The one you naturally pick up first....Again and again and again....??


Well, I use/need a light for close-up jobs (in most cases), so right now, I use my Xeno (XM-L) the most. And I don't EDC any light (right now, lol, my new Lumintop 1xAAA is on its way :P )

SkyRay 3800 Rev.0

Inside: Jetbeam BA10 (nice low, doesn't disturb everyone else)

Outside: TK41, nothing else I have does anything better as long as I don't have to pocket it.

I use my Ultrafire K10 for nearly everything on my work bench. It uses very high frequency PWM. I use my Uniquefire 2100 outdoors for letting the dogs do their business.

Here's a video of my go to light ..with an xpg neutral mod .

Don't ask me why ..I just keep picking it up .

That TK41 was awesome - have to admit.


Inside: Sunwayman V10a, and Nitecore the low-lows

Outside: was the 980L but sold it. I'll probably skip my modded X9 and go right to my new DRY for outdoor carry. (until the V60C comes, then I'll have to probably carry two lights outside lol)


Either Zebralight H51f or Thrunite TI. Once it gets dark I usually have the TI with me and if there is something specific I need a light for it’s usually the H51f that I go to.

Its my home made 6 dollar C2 kit light. besides being the first light I made it's my go to light a 1A tint XML 3.5 amp max 5 mode with no flashies. It's equal to the KDC8 but a little shorter in length and I love it so much I made 2 of them.

I would buy one of those. 3.5A and no blinky modes? That is a winner.

Zebralight SC51 indoors
UF 2100 outdoors
itp a3 keychain

Seems like my olight i1 all the time lol but I play with mt beam tech 4000 a lot lately to,lol

Do you use your floods inside and throwers outside ??

Seems like it ,lol just used it to throw a couple logs in the wood stove ,everyone asleep but me ,mmmwwwaaahhh

KD c8. I have a few placed around the house. More often that not I am using my ufh3 headlamp.


Manafont 3-mode XM-L @ UF 504B,

fake Lumapower MRV (still love this one).

As soon as I buy a multi-XML light I will keep it 24/7 in my bag.

Manta Ray XM-L C8, running a 440mA current regulated Medium. For walks (with one of my XR-E throwers standing by in my backpocket, to identify the owner of some reflecting eyes at forest edge Tongue Out ).